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Steyr EVO 10E Compact R/H .177 - Black

The Steyr EVO 10E is Steyrs latest development in their range of high quality, competition orientated PCP air pistols for the demanding shooter of today. This latest model takes a lot of the features which were seen and loved on the LP10, and incorporates new features to make it much better.

This model of the EVO 10 is the E model which features an electronic trigger system, which centers around a ball bearing to keep the travel smooth and consistent. The connection of the trigger has been re developed from the standard microswitch as seen on the LP10E, to have gold contacts which prevent any excess movement, and keep each shot precise and crisp.

The Lothar Walther barrel is fitted with a new 8 duct compensator which strips away turbulent air as the pellet leaves the barrel to assist in its flight path. Three barrel vents are built into the top of the barrel to prevent any muzzle flip, and Steyrs Stabilizer system helps to stable the overall pistol further through firing. The frame and grips have also been redesigned to improve ergonomics, appearance, and of course balance.

The trigger blade is made from aluminium, and can be moved backwards and forwards to assist with shooters who have smaller or larger hands. The trigger system is powered by a built in rechargeable battery which provides enough power for just over 10,000 shot.

All of our Steyr pistol are official UK imports, and come complete with a plastic hard case to keep them safe.We have been told these pistols should be here Mid 2016, so Contact Us Here for more information, or to reserve one today.

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- Calibre : 4.5 mm (.177)
- Dimensions : 350 / 148 / 50 mm
- Weight : 901 g
- Length of Sight : 266 - 315 mm
- Front Sight : Moveable, rotatable blade 4.5 mm
- Rear Sight : 2 - 6 mm variable, depth 1 - 3 mm, rotatable
- Trigger Pull : 500 g
- Trigger Settings : First stage length & weight, second stage weight
- Trigger Blade : Trigger blade adjustable in height and length, axially and radially

Pellpax offers the best delivery service in the UK, with weekly deliveries on all airguns across England and Wales (Unfortunately we can no longer deliver to Scotland), and mail order deliveries on all other items.

As an RFD we can deliver air rifles and air pistols direct to your door. See our guidelines on what ID is required.

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Steyr EVO 10E Compact R/H .177 - Black


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