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4 Top Accessories For Your Shotgun: Gun Cabinets, Bags and More

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4 Top Accessories For Your Shotgun: Gun Cabinets, Bags and More

Whether you’re an avid shotgun enthusiast or a beginner, there are some key accessories that are either vital, or a very useful addition to your weekends outdoors.

1. Gun Cabinets

It’s a legal requirement of British Law that shotgun owners have a shotgun certificate. Home Office guidelines go into detail, which insist that owners keep their weapon stored in a safe which is then secured to the floor or wall. This keeps them away from children, and, potentially, from criminals who might break into your home.

The standard to look out for is BS7558/92, as this means the cabinet has been tested rigorously, and weapons could not be removed within a set period of time. Thankfully, all of the cabinets we supply come from either Biometric, or Brattonsound, and both manufacturers conform to this high standard.

2. Bags

Bags can be both a status symbol, and a highly desirable accessory when out on a highland shoot with friends during hunting season. They’re also a practical way to keep your cartridges safe, clean and dry.

We stock some great bags to keep your cartridges ready for action, such as this beautiful Byland Leather Loader Bag by Croots. You can also check out our huge range of shotgun cartridges for sale.

3. Shotgun Cases

Bisley Economy Rifle Cover £17.99

Shotgun cases and slips come in a range of colours, designs and prices. They’re an essential piece of kit to keep your shotgun in peak condition, particularly if you’ve spent a considerable amount of money purchasing it. Here in the UK, it is also a legal requirement to keep your gun under cover when in public.

At the budget end of the market, you can purchase covers like Bisley’s Economy Rifle Cover. It’s black, robust and features a strap to help you carry your pride and joy.

If you’re in the mid range price bracket, in terms of what you can spend, then Uncle Mike’s Shotector II Cover is an example of a good quality weapon case which is waterproof, and floats, and has an LED Safe light to make it easy to find if dropped.

The breech, butt and muzzle have been reinforced to ensure your weapon is absolutely safe inside. The carry handle allows you to conveniently grip the bag, and there are pockets for storing shotgun accessories conveniently with the weapon.

Croots Malton Bridle Leather Slip £329.99

At the very top premium end of our range is the Malton Bridle Leather Slip by Croots, which is a thing of beauty. Tanned using traditional methods, processes, and materials, it is a great accessory for the hunting season, and comes in 30 and 32 inch lengths. Bags of this quality are rare, and while the price point reflects the quality of workmanship and materials, it’s also a once in a lifetime purchase that will give the careful owner years of pleasure alongside a quality weapon.

4. Recoil Pads

Microcell Recoil Pads £24.99

Shotguns deliver a kick upon firing which can cause flinching, sore shoulders and bruised cheeks. A recoil pad made from rubber and similar materials can be slipped on or attached to your weapon to mitigate this effect, and we sell a range of these in different types, colours and sizes.

These Microcell Recoil Pads by Cervalatti srl are a great example:

There are these and many other shotgun accessories in our store. And you can always give us a call for advice from one of our team of experts. If you want to check out our huge range of shotgun accessories for sale, head on over to the store. 

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