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A New Breed from Old Hands

Air Rifles

A New Breed from Old Hands

Daystate was the first manufacturer to produce PCP airguns. Today, as the whole industry rides the waves of fashion and demand, Daystate is still steaming ahead, powered by technical excellence, sparkling innovation, and consumer feedback. So let’s have a look at one of Daystate’s latest models, the Wolverine R, and find out what some of Pellpax’s customers think of it.

Following in the wake of Daystate’s immensely popular bolt-action Wolverine 2, the ambidextrous Wolverine R, with regulated side-lever action, has made quite a splash in the shooting world.


Huma Regulator

The airgun’s regulator – responsible for the ‘R’ in the name – is made by Huma, the internationally renowned Dutch regulator specialist, considered to be the very best in regulator technology. The advantages of this feature are three-fold. Firstly, you get more shots per fill-up; secondly, you get better shot-to-shot consistency; and thirdly – thanks to the consistency – accuracy is improved.

One Pellpax customer, who has a Wolverine R C-Type, says, “I like the accuracy and consistent power of shots. It has a great look and feel – a nice crisp trigger.”

The C-Type Wolverine R has a fixed air cylinder with a capacity of 200cc, whereas the B-Type has a 400/500cc steel buddy bottle, and the Hi Lite version has a 480cc super-light carbon bottle.

Right’s Right … Right?

All versions of the Wolverine R feature an ambidextrous thumbhole stock in a choice of high-grade walnut or grey laminate. The side lever can be positioned for either a right-handed shooter (90% of the population) or a left-handed shooter (10% of the population). After all, isn’t it about time we gave lefties a break?

The word right comes from the Old English riht, which in turn came from Germanic origin. The word is related to the Latin rectus, meaning ‘ruled’. In its evolutionary journey, right (in the sense of ‘right-hand side’) has travelled shotgun with right (as in ‘correct’).

Left is what has become of the Old English word lyft, meaning weak, which also has a Germanic origin. In German, left is links, and the word for ‘underhanded’ is link. The Latin for left is sinister.

The word adroit, meaning ‘clever’ or ‘skilful’, comes from the French à droit, which translates as ‘by rights’ or ‘properly’. The French word for left is gauche – used in English for ‘clumsy’ or ‘awkward’.

So, what I’m saying is, the left-hand side has always had bad press. And the 10% of the population who are left-handed have been on the wrong side of prejudice. But the Daystate Wolverine R, with a side lever that can be positioned on either side, is for everyone.

“That’s a really great feature,” says the owner of a B-Type. “My brother gave me his Wolverine R, but he’s left-handed and I’m right-handed, so we needed to get the lever changed over.”

More Info

This isn’t something you can do yourself, of course. For repairs and alterations, phone Pellpax on 01263 731 585 or email [email protected]

There’s a lot more to this rifle than we’ve looked at here. So why not take a more detailed look, here, at the various forms of this superb model.

In the words of one of our customers: “It’s champion!”

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