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Air Pistols from Pellpax at the  Northern Shooting Show 2019


Air Pistols from Pellpax at the Northern Shooting Show 2019

Just three days to go before the Northern Shooting Show! This year it’s going to be bigger and better than ever. And Pellpax will be there!

This is Pellpax’s first visit to the Northern Shooting Show in Harrogate, and the team is getting ready for a busy weekend. The weather’s going to be marvellous – well, I like to think so, anyway – and there’s loads of free parking. Come and see our wide range of airguns and accessories, and take advantage of our special show prices.

Here’s a taster of what Pellpax will have to offer at the show.

Umarex Colt Peacemaker

The ‘real’ Peacemaker was first designed in 1972 by Colt, holding the position of standard military service revolver until 1892.

This handsome replica first made an appearance in 2015, and it’s enjoyed widespread popularity ever since. The durable Colt Peacemaker Antique .177 pellet air pistol from Umarex is made almost entirely of metal, with well-finished moving parts for a realistic shooting experience.

The CO2 capsule is concealed within the pistol grip. The grip is adjusted with a hex key (Allen key), which is incorporated into the grip itself. This is a great feature, because it means you’ve always got the right tool with you.

Umarex Legends S25 Revolver

The Umarex Legends S25 Revolver .177 is a heavy, nickel-coated pistol. This replica revolver is powered by a 12g CO2 capsule that’s housed in the pistol’s grip. Each CO2 capsule will give you 60 shots.

For a really precise shot, you can cock the hammer and then pull the trigger to fire the pellet. Alternatively, the trigger can be repeatedly pulled to fire off all six shots in quick succession.

Umarex Legends Makarov

The Legends Makarov 4.5mm BB air pistol from Umarex is an almost exact replica of the original Makarov, which was first built in the Soviet Union in 1951. Popular with defence agencies all over the world, the original version of this pistol is still in service today. The frame and all working parts are made of metal, and the comfortable grips are polymer.

Discounted Prices

So come and say hello to the Pellpax team. And don’t forget – there’s a special show price on every item!

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