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Air Rifle Review – Weihrauch HW95K

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Air Rifle Review – Weihrauch HW95K

So as well as an archer, I’m also a huge lover of guns, including air rifles, and have spent much of my life doing small game hunting and pest control, both for the control of species that are harmful to farmland, and for the enjoyment of being out in the elements with just my dog by my side and my rifle in my hand. To someone who doesn’t shoot, this sense of freedom when you’re out in a field or woodland after your prey cannot be explained. I’ve had many air rifles come and go in my arsenal, but one of the most impressive has to be my Weihrauch HW95K, fitted with an MTC Mamba 3-12×44 AO IR.

A Light Weihrauch

This is a beautiful rifle, which is well balanced and accurate. Usually Weihrauch air rifles are renowned for being weighty guns, but this is one of the lightest in their range, weighing in at just 3.3kg and making this an easy gun to carry around all day without too much strain on the user. Take a look at our wider Weihrauch range.

I first took this gun down to the range for some setting up and was very impressed with the results. I generally go for air guns in .177 calibre, as I prefer the accuracy of these, along with the extra range and the flatness of the pellets’ trajectory (ideal for hunting). Firstly, I set up a paper target at 30 yards, and once I was getting one-inch groups, extended this range to 50 yards.

For a spring rifle to be getting such tight groups at this range, from a standing position, was very impressive, and I was easily still hitting spinner targets and tin cans on the top and bottom sides with ease. For me this was good enough to take the HW95K to a local farm for some field testing.

For a .177, pellet choice is very important when target shooting, and for overall accuracy you can’t beat a good quality domed head pellet, and so I began by using JSB Exact 4.52. But after a while, I actually found that my rifle preferred Rifle Airgun Ammunition Premium Round for tighter groups. I’ve found over time that the .177 pellet, though accurate, tends to over penetrate your target when shooting vermin, and so if you don’t go for a head shot, you haven’t got much hope of killing your prey, as the pellet passes through too cleanly. I have, however, found the solution to this issue with the incredible Baracuda Hunter Extreme by HnN, which causes enough damage for a clean kill. The last thing I want is to leave an animal wounded.

Easy Rabbit Hunting Rifle

The first rabbit I took with this was at a modest 30 yards (I always go for head shots to ensure a clean kill or a complete miss), and I was a little amazed at how this rifle feels to shoot. With such a crisp and clean shot, it took this first rabbit with ease.

James' Dog hunting

After this, I have had huge success with this rifle at shooting spinning targets, but mostly hunting, where this rifle has not once let me down or had any faults, and with very rarely any misses, all of which were no fault of the rifle.

Over the next 6 months this has now become my rifle of choice for hunting, as I know that pretty much any pest within 60 yards is mine for the taking.

If you’re looking for a no-nonsense, high quality hunting package, check out this link for this rifle fitted with a scope, silencer, sling, bag, and pellets – everything you need to help you get rid of those pests once and for all. And check out how the Weihrauch compares to Hatsan air rifles for hunting.

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