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Air Rifles for Sale, Delivered to Your Door

Air Rifles

Air Rifles for Sale, Delivered to Your Door

Whatever kind of airgun you’re looking for, you’ll find it here, at Pellpax. If you’re new to shooting, you might have some uncertainty about what these airguns actually are …

What is an Airgun?

The term airgun encompasses all guns that are powered by compressed gas: either carbon dioxide (CO2) or air (mainly nitrogen and oxygen). Most airguns have a muzzle energy of 12 ft/lb or under, which means that you don’t need a Fire Arms Certificate (FAC).

What is a spring-powered air rifle?

Norica Storm X Deluxe

Spring airguns are powered by compressed air. Before each pellet is fired, a spring is compressed by a lever. This process is called cocking. In some cases, the barrel acts as the lever (break barrel), and other spring-powered air guns have fixed barrels, with a side lever or under lever. When the spring’s tension is released, it pushes a piston with a washer on the end, and the ambient air inside the air chamber is compressed, creating potential energy that will propel the pellet when the pressure is released.

A sub-category of these rifles is gas-ram, which, instead of a spring, uses a pneumatic ram – a device much like the closing mechanism on your car boot.

What’s the most popular spring-powered air rifle?

The Stinger Starter Kit is a big favourite with Pellpax customers. This single-shot, break-barrel rifle is perfect for target practice and for small vermin control. Along with the rifle, this kit includes a 4×32 scope and mounts, pellets, targets, and a gun bag.

What’s a good spring-powered rifle for new shooters?

Gamo Hunter 440 .22 Air Rifle

For razor-sharp precision, power, and consistency, the Gamo Hunter 440 is perfect for small-game hunting and vermin control. This rifle has a 12 ft/lb muzzle power, adjustable two-stage trigger, and a finely adjustable steel rear sight. The raised scope rail will accommodate even the largest airgun scopes.

Pellpax Huntsman Kit .22 Air Rifle

With its anti-shock fibre stock, ventilated butt pad, and pistol grip, this rifle offers an all-round comfortable shooting experience. The rifle also features an automatic safety The Pellpax Huntsman Kit includes a 3-9×40 scope, a tin of pellets, and targets.

Air Arms TX200 Mark 3

Used by competition target shooters around the world, the Air Arms TX200 Mk3 features a two-stage, adjustable trigger, fully shrouded barrel, and automatic safety. You get excellent shot-to-shot consistency from this rifle, which is available in both .177 and .22 calibre.

How do PCP rifles work?

Pre-charged pneumatic (PCP) guns are also powered by compressed air. However, a PCP gun is pre-charged. Compressed air, at a pressure of up to 300 BAR, is contained within a cylinder or buddy bottle, ready to be discharged in controlled, measured amounts when the trigger is pulled.

Zbroia PCP pump

Re-filling a PCP

The thing with PCP power is that the cylinder must be periodically refilled. This can be done with an air rifle pump – a simple piece of machinery that compresses ambient air as it’s forced into the cylinder. Alternatively, you can refill your PCP’s cylinder from a charging tank of ready-compressed air.

In many cases, the cylinder is an integral part of the rifle. Some PCPs, though, have a detachable buddy bottle, which can be removed from the rifle for refilling. This is a convenient feature for long-lasting shoots, as spare buddy bottles can be taken along to replace emptied ones.

Some great PCP air rifles for beginners

Because there’s so little recoil, accuracy is a big advantage with pre-charged pneumatics; but they are, in general, the most expensive type of air rifle. Here are a few PCPs for under £500. The power of these rifles is under 12ft/lb, so you won’t need a Fire Arms Certificate (FAC).

Air Arms S200 Sporter MK3 Air Rifle

The 920.75mm-long Air Arms S200 Sporter MK3 has an ambidextrous beech stock and an adjustable, two-stage trigger. This rifle has a scope rail that can be adjusted to fit any length of scope, and is ideal for all kinds of shooting, from plinking to target shooting, to vermin control. It’s available in .177 and .22 calibre.

FX Airguns Typhoon Synthetic

The Typhoon Synthetic by FX Airguns is a lightweight air rifle with a well-crafted, ambidextrous stock. The air cylinder has a capacity of 185cc, which gives you around 100 shots per fill. This rifle is available in .177 and .22 calibre.

Zbroia Hortitsia

Zbroia Hortitsia

This good-looking and relatively light-weight PCP rifle has delighted many Pellpax customers over the last couple of years. The Zbroia Hortitsia has an integrated barrel shroud for effective silencing, a sensitive trigger, and smooth probe engagement. It’s available in .177 and .22 calibre, and there’s an option of short (330mm) or long (450mm) barrel. You can easily get 100 shots from a full reservoir.

Do air rifles use CO2?

Some do. CO2 rifles work on the same principle as PCPs, in that compressed gas is stored in a cartridge – also known as a capsule – ready to be discharged in controlled, measured amounts when the trigger is pulled. CO2 is available in 88g or 12g capsules.

What is the most powerful CO2 rifle?

Very few CO2 air rifles have the muzzle energy of the best spring/gas ram or PCP rifles. One exception is the Hammerli 850 Air Magnum, by Umarex. The power of this CO2 rifle is close to the 12 ft/lb legal limit, above which an FAC is required.

What’s the best CO2 air rifle for beginners?

Here are a few suggestions – all under £500.

Sig Sauer MPX – .177 CO2 Air Rifle

Powered by an 88g CO2 capsule*, the Sig Sauer MPX has a large shot capacity. The belt-fed magazine holds 30 pellets, which can be fired in quick succession, and accessories can be mounted on the multiple picatinny rails. With the advantages of a double-action trigger and no recoil, you’ll achieve amazing accuracy when you shoot this rifle.

*For this rifle, you can purchase an adapter for 12g capsules.

Crosman 2250 Ratcatcher – .22 CO2 Air Rifle

The Crosman 2250 Ratcatcher weighs just 1.5kg and is powered by one 12g CO2 capsule, which is enough for 30 full-power shots. This rifle is great for target shooting and for small vermin control.

Umarex Legends Cowboy Lever Action – 4.5mm BB CO2 Air Rifle

This Cowboy Lever Action rifle from Umarex Legends features a firing cycle that realistically mimics the real thing. If you’re looking for an authentic shooting experience, this is the perfect model.

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