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Airsoft 101


Airsoft 101

Here at Pellpax, you may be an airgun or outdoor enthusiast, and noticed our Airsoft store. We have a range of airsoft pistols, and airsoft rifles for sale, as well as accessories. So it seems only fitting that we provide you with this introduction to airsoft, which could turn out to be your favourite new sport.

What is Airsoft?

You may have heard of airsoft, seen the guns and name of the sport around online, and wonder what’s all about. It’s essentially a team sport between two groups where they do battle with specially 4618103657_4ebd3ae60c_zdesigned guns which fire non metallic, spherical ball bearings / pellets. Unlike paintball, for example, these projectiles do not leave a mark, and so the sport of airsoft relies on the honesty of the participants to self report when they have been struck.


The sport of Airsoft hails originally from Japan, where manufacturers Tokyo Marui famously produced the AEG (automatic electric gun), which they sell to this day. They would vend the gun in parts, and leave it to the customer to assemble them, with a focus on creating weapons with an ultra-realistic look which is still central to airsoft today. The majority of airsoft rifles and airsoft pistols are today made in Asia, and their true-to-life look means they are often used by police officers to assist with training.

Ballistics & Safety

Different weapons powered by different power plants (AEG, gas powered, spring powered, etc), will cause airsoft pellets to travel at different velocities. In a typical airsoft game, you can expect a velocity of 150 metres per second for sniper rifles,  140 ms for semi automatic ‘AEG’ machine guns, 120 ms for outdoor play with fully automatic AEGs, and 110 ms for Close Quarters Battle.

It’s worth noting that Airsoft pellets should not be underestimated, and can cause small marks on skin. They can of course damage eyesight, and that is why it’s essential to protect your eyes when participating in the sport. Good footwear, particularly with strong ankle support, is essential. Many practitioners advise treating the airsoft guns as real weapons, in order to maximise safety, and avoid confusion and misunderstandings. One particular source of concern with realistic airsoft weapons is that they can be mistaken for real weapons, causing concern and even raising alarm, police attendance, etc. Many manufacturers place an orange tip on their guns in order to distinguish them, and users are strongly advised not to remove this.

Pellets & BBs

Most airsoft bbs / pellets vary between 0.12 to 0.48g. and come in a variety of colours, including white, green, and yellow. The most popular weight for AEG and GBB guns is around 0.20g up to 0.25g, as the heavier rounds are more suited to sniper and long range uses. They come in minimum quantities of 1,000, and most come in 6mm diameter. A loader can be used to insert them into magazines for the various weapon configurations that exist.

Military Training Applications

The realism of airsoft weapons means that they are used for training by military and police, to prepare them for a variety of situations. Indeed, various airsoft accessories and technologies have been developed out of this application. For example, BBs  that release paint on impact have been developed in order to help soldiers improve their aim, and prepare them for the real world of combat. Grenades that release paint or BBs, and heavier weapons that feel more like their real world counterparts are used to give greater feeling of authenticity.

Muzzles that amplify weapon fire to a level recognisable as equivalent to live weaponry give even greater combat simulation, allowing trainers to achieve a high level of realism, without the great cost and safety risks that come with using real machine guns and pistols.

If you want to get your fix of airsoft excitement, head on over to our range of airsoft rifles, pistols and accessories for sale today. We’ve got major brands like Tokyo Marui, and many more.

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