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14th September 2018

Choosing Your Compound Bow

Some of you may have already read our Guide to Choosing Archery Equipment for Pros – even if you have we want to help you with your compound bows too. Despite the mechanical advantage that the cam system provides, a compound bow is still just a tool, and, ultimately, all the power of a shot […]

13th August 2018

Air Rifle Review – Weihrauch HW95K

So as well as an archer, I’m also a huge lover of guns, including air rifles, and have spent much of my life doing small game hunting and pest control, both for the control of species that are harmful to farmland, and for the enjoyment of being out in the elements with just my dog […]

13th August 2018

Fletching Your Arrows

What is Fletching? Near to the rear of an arrow, there are three feathers or plastic vanes – two of one colour, and the other in a contrasting colour – collectively called the fletching. The purpose of the fletching is stability. When all is going to plan, and the arrow is flying in a perfectly […]

3rd August 2016

Going On An Archery Day Out For A Stag Do

If you’re planning a stag do and fancy trying something a little different instead of (or in addition to!) the usual strip bar and excessive amounts of alcohol, why not try archery?! Grab a bow and get back to your primal roots with a little friendly competition. Archery is the ultimate macho man sport, requiring […]

3rd August 2016

8 Things You Never Knew About Archery

Thanks to Hawkeye, Disney’s Brave and Katniss Everdeen, Archery is finally being given the recognition it deserves for being a pretty cool sport. It can be a whole lot of fun from being a beginner learning the ropes, right up to the intense skill and power it takes to partake in competitive archery. That said, […]

28th July 2016

How To Get Your Children & Family Into Archery

This summer, why not grab a kids bow and arrow set, and whisk your youngsters away from their computers and out into the open (weather permitting of course!). Spend some times together learning archery for kids and the whole family! Whether you’re feeling inspired from the Summer sporting events or have a budding Katniss/Hawkeye in your […]

26th July 2016

How To Become A Competitive Archer

Given that this summer is a turning out to be a wonderful season for sport, such as the Archery World Cup in Odense later this year, we decided to take a closer look at how you can join your sporting heroes and become a competitive archer…… Types Of Competitive Archery – Target Archery First of […]

2nd March 2016

Top Tips For Shooting A Recurve Bow

Are you thinking about getting into archery? Our resident archery enthusiast James gives us his advice on how to fire a recurve bow. In my experience, there are various different ways in which you can shoot a bow depending on your style of archery. For instance, an archer using bare bow style, a recurve without the […]

19th January 2016

Review: Buck Trail Blackhawk Recurve Bow

Our resident archery expert James Hancock gives his verdict on the Buck Trail Blackhawk…. From personal experience of these bows, having shot both the 30# and 40# versions, it is clear to me that the Buck Trail Blackhawk represents true value for money, and I can highly recommend them to any archer who enjoys traditional shooting […]

6th January 2016

How To Get Started With Clay Pigeon Shooting

You don’t own a gun. You have never fired a gun. You have no gun licence. You don’t know how to obtain a licence. You don’t know if you need a licence. You don’t know anybody who shoots. So how do you get started with clay pigeon shooting? When you attend your introductory shooting lesson, […]

17th November 2015

Tips For Shooting At Night with Scopes & Lamping

When hunting at night there are a two main things which must always be considered and upheld at all times: safety and the law.    Unless you can obtain a special licence to cull deer at night, it is illegal to do so between one hour after sunset and one hour before sunrise. Game birds […]

14th October 2015

Gaining My Archery Achievements

James Hancock is the resident archery enthusiast and expert at Pellpax, where we have recurve bows, crossbows, and all kinds of archery equipment and accessories for sale. He’s on hand to give advice and help customers most days. Here he shares how he got into archery, and won several high level competitions and awards in […]

7th October 2015

Choosing A Shotgun For Pheasant Shooting : A Guide

A successful pheasant shooter is a skilled gunman who understands the behaviour of birds in their own habitat. He needs certain equipment: cartridge belt, shooting bags, ear protection, knives, etc. His most important tool, though, is the shotgun. A hunter’s favourite gun becomes his life-long companion, as familiar to him as a part of himself. […]

11th September 2015

Compound, Crossbow, Recurve: Archery 101

Archery has a huge tradition in combat, hunting and sport, with special, historic ties to Great Britain. It began life as a form of military weapon, and was used by armies and warriors around the world, notably by American Indians, the Chinese, and the English, famed for their longbows. We'd like to present for you here a quick guide to everything you need to know about Archery.