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17th February 2022

In our Scope – AGT Vixen

This month we are setting our crosshairs on the AGT Vixen. Unique, compact, and balanced the Vixen is produced by Czech Manufacturers, AGT, and are imported into the UK by Regael. Released in early 2021 the Vixen soon became one of AGT’s best-selling rifles overtaking the Vulcan & Uragan. The AGT range has proven very […]

14th October 2016

BB Guns & Airsoft: A Guide

BB guns have been around since the 1900s, with Daisy being one of the first companies to manufacture them. Although the term “BB Guns” has become a very broad term, it was originally used to refer to 4.5mm ball bearings. What is a BB Gun? BB Guns are a type of air gun that shoots […]

16th June 2016

5 Of The Best Airsoft Blogs Online

When it comes to airsoft blogs, a good one can be hard to find. The main things we look for in in good airsoft and airgunning blogs are attention to detail, photos and connection to the reader. These are Ross Mitchell’s top 5 airsoft blogs that offer an eye-catching and in-depth read…. Number 5: Airsoft Odyssey […]

26th April 2016

Cleaning And Maintaining Your Air Rifle

So you’ve bought an air rifle, now how do you take care of it? Have you got a gun cleaning kit and know how to use it? Care and maintenance is a vital part of the process of owning and using an airgun, and here Ross Mitchell of the Pellpax team explains what you need to […]

30th November 2015

Adventures In Airsoft: What Is MilSim?

One of the keys to practicing Airsoft is MilSim – the highly realistic military simulations that make for a typical weekend of airsofting. Here we explain the terminology, gear, and what you can expect…. Before we go straight into talking about MilSim we need to determine what it is and why it takes place. MilSim […]