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Brand Focus: Gamo Airguns

Air Rifles

Brand Focus: Gamo Airguns

This month’s Brand Focus is on Gamo, the hugely popular Spanish airgun maker. Gamo are probably the biggest air gun manufacturer in the world, and also one of the largest producers of pellets and BBs in the world. They started trading in 1955 as El Gamo.

The origins of this company started back in 1889 as company ACSA, who were founded to produce high quality lead based products, and then refined in 1950 to produce high precision air gun pellets, thanks to great success in the European markets.

The Beginnings of Gamo

In 1961 after continued growth and investment, El Gamo launched a range of airguns into Spanish market, which were received with great enthusiasm as they were simple, reliable and excellent quality. The aim for Gamo was always high production numbers and interchangeable parts at a medium price point to make it appeal to a wide range and number of shooters. This aim has definitely worked over the years and Gamo still stick to this principle to allow even more people to purchase a good quality, high quality air rifle at an affordable price. Our resident airgun expert Allan says, ‘They are an excellent entry level product, and provide some of the best value for money on the market today in their ranges of pistols and rifles’.

Expansion into UK, Europe & Americas

In 1963, the first of Gamo’s new products started to be imported into the UK, as well as other European countries, after a successful run at various trade fairs. This was then followed by a thorough distribution network in 1970 to products to enter markets in over 40 countries. 10 years later collaborations were formed with several similar manufacturers across USA, the UK, Germany and Brazil to permit new products and expansion in all markets.

In 1982 Gamo was going from strength to strength, and moved the pellet factory to a larger industrial estate for greater production, as well as their wood processing plant where all the rifle stocks were produced. In 1986 Gamo then acquired the assets and rights to British gunmaker BSA, who were being liquidated at the time. They have continued to run BSA’s Armoury Road factory in Birmingham operational ever since. Read our other Brand Focus article on BSA here.

Since then Gamo have grown and expanded across the world, and have a large presence in the USA to serve the American market, particularly with their high-powered spring and gas ram rifles, which they have continued to develop over the years. In around 2008, Gamo started to make a real push to introduce new technology to the airgun world, with new features such as ‘Whisper’ noise dampening technology and new gas ram systems to reduce recoil and increase power. The gas ram system is called IGT which stands for Inert Gas Technology and Gamo developed it themselves to work specifically with their rifles.

IGT Rifles

Gamo Whisper GT
Gamo Whisper IGT

One of their best-selling IGT rifles available today is the Whisper IGT which is a break barrel rifle with a thumbhole synthetic stock. This synthetic stock also makes it very light so it’s the perfect choice for a lightweight hunter, or as a beginner rifle for younger shooters. The IGT action provides full power performance and can easily dispatch targets at ranges up to 45 meters and the Whisper technology on the end of the barrel helps reduce muzzle noise.

Another of Gamos leading edge technologies is the Smooth Action Trigger which is also fitted to this model, and ensures a smooth and precise trigger pull each shot. Here at Pellpax we offer the Whisper IGT either as the rifle on its own, or as a complete kit to get you shooting at a great price.

The IGT system has also been implemented into a lot of other rifles and pistols throughout Gamo’s range, such as the Gamo Camo Rocket IGT, and the Gamo P-900 IGT air pistol. The latter is a great choice as a pistol for airgun clubs and scouts, as the gas ram unit does not lose power over time as the spring equivalent would.

Spring Rifles

As well as the IGT rifles, Gamo offers a great range of spring powered air rifles, which start from junior rifles such as the Gamo Junior Hunter .177 – great for youngsters and clubs as a starting rifle. The next stage up from there is the Gamo Whisper Sting, which is a full power break barrel spring rifle and makes a great choice for hunting and target shooting. Just like the Whisper IGT, it is very lightweight, and so it’s great for all ages.

One of Gamo’s latest rifles to be released features a unique multi shot system on a break barrel rifle which has only been attempted a few times before. This rifle is called the Gamo Maxxim Elite and has a 10 shot magazine which fits into a special arm attached to the barrel. When the rifle is cocked, a small probe loads the next pellet and through our testing it is very reliable and just works! This makes it a great choice for hunters as to get multi shot functionality. Before it had to be a PCP, but this rifle really changes the game.

PCP Rifles

Gamo Coyote Airgun
The Gamo Coyote

Speaking of PCP rifles, Gamo has a few PCP rifles in its offerings, namely the Gamo Coyote (see above), Gamo Coyote Tactical and Gamo Phox. These rifles are all based on the same 10 shot bolt action system, with the main differences being in the stocks and the barrels. The Gamo Coyotes have a threaded barrel with a muzzle break fitted as standard, although this can be removed to fit a silencer. The Gamo Phox comes complete with a moulded on Whisper silencer from the factory. Another bonus of the Gamo Phox is that is comes as a complete package with the rifle, scope, bag, pump, as well as pellets and targets when purchased from Pellpax!

Of course, PCP rifles offer the best in accuracy and consistency as their recoil-less actions are smooth and simple to shoot, so if you’re looking for the very best in Gamo’s range then I would consider one of the above choices.

Air Pistols

Gamo also produces a wide range of high quality Co2 pistol, which are great fun for casual target shooting and plinking. Their range of Co2 pistols starts from the lower end with the Gamo GP20 Combat, which is a 4.5mm BB firing pistol, with a double action trigger – perfect for getting started with pistol shooting. The next step up is the Gamo P-25 which is a .177 pellet firing pistol with a blowback action which increases the realism factor significantly. The bigger brother of the P-25 is the Gamo PT-85 which is very similar, just with a larger frame size which allows a bit extra power. They also produce the PT-85 as a tactical model called the Gamo PT-85 Tactical which comes complete with a longer barrel, red dot sight, torch and laser for a much more striking appearance.

If revolvers are more your thing when it comes to air pistols, the Gamo GR Stricker would be a great choice  as it comes with an 8 shot revolving cylinder which takes pellets. The frame of the pistol also differs from others in that it has weaver rails to the top and the bottom to permit accessories such as red dot sights and lasers to be added on for aid with accuracy.

All in all, Gamo offer a massive range of rifles and pistols, so there is something for everyone, as well as their range of accessories to compliment everything perfectly. If you’re looking for your first rifle or pistol, or are an experienced shooter needing a stable workhorse, then Gamo is definitely a brand to consider.

Check out our range of Gamo products here. And learn more about Gamo on their collections page

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