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Brand Focus: Hatsan


Brand Focus: Hatsan

Hatsan are a large company based in Turkey who produce a range of firearms from shotguns to air rifles and pistols, meaning their product range stretches across a whole host of different shooters and disciplines.

Hatsan have been producing firearms from around 1976 and pride themselves in being totally self-sufficient in that they produce everything in their factories from the stocks to breech blocks and the barrels. This way they can ensure the best quality at every step along the way and there is no chance of sub-standard materials being included in the final product. Hatsan use the latest in CNC machines along with their 650-strong work force to ensure a high output of their range of airguns and shotguns, which is distributed to over 90 countries across the globe, with 95% of its production being exported.

By exporting all around the world, Hatsan are able to invest a large amount into design and research, so that they are at the forefront of quality and innovation, which is displayed each year at the IWA show in Nuremberg. Here in the UK, a lot of Hatsan’s latest releases aren’t imported due to restrictions with either power output or demand in the UK market, but the items that are imported are a real hit.

PCP Rifles

One of Hatsans latest rifles which has caused a splash is the Gladius which is a Pre-Charged Pneumatic (PCP) rifle in the Bullpup, style which basically means that the action is seated right at the back of the stock to allow a full-length action, but with a much shorter overall length. The Gladius incorporates multiple unique features such as a super quick, tool-less adjustment of the cheek piece, multiple magazine holders bolted onto the stock, as well as much more to make it a very high spec rifle for the price point. The rifle also has a 3-stage power adjustment although this feature is mainly aimed towards the FAC power levels, and cocking and loading is done through the smooth and precise side lever action.

The Gladius is based on a similar to action to the AT44, which has probably been one of Hatsans best-selling PCP rifles over the past years thanks to its easy operation, high quality, and competitive price point. The AT44 was also Hatsan first PCP to come to the UK and has been improved over the years to improve both the accuracy and the overall feel of the rifle, and is available today in several different stock options. The most popular is the Synthetic Thumbhole and the Synthetic Tactical which has a very striking appearance, as well as adjustability for the length of pull to accommodate all build sizes. The AT44 uses the same 10 shot magazine as the Gladius which is quick and easy to load and pellets are fired down the steel rifled barrel, all made on site at Hatsans factory.

Here at Pellpax we can offer the Hatsan AT44 Tactical combo which comes as a complete set including the rifle, a Bushnell 3-9×50 scope with mounts, a Caldwell AR bipod, and a high-quality silencer making it the perfect choice to get started with a PCP rifle.

Spring Rifles

Hatsan also produces a fine range of spring powered break barrel air rifles which are priced in the mid-range of spring rifles, one of which being the Hatsan Breaker 900X. This rifle is a full powered spring air rifle, with a standard break barrel making it simple and easy to use. The 900X Breaker has a rifle steel barrel for great accuracy and precision, and is fitted with a moulded-on silencer to reduce the muzzle report when fired. This all adds up to make it a great hunting/pest control rifle, as well as a day at the range. The rifle comes with open sights as standard, although a scope can be mounted on the standard 9-11mm scope rails to allow greater precision on those long-range shots.

Another model in Hatsans spring rifle range is the Hatsan Striker 1000X which is the bigger brother of the Breaker 900X, so is slightly larger in overall size. Other changes are a more ergonomic walnut stock with fine checkering to the cheek piece and fore stock, as well as a raised comb on each side for excellent ambidextrous eye to scope alignment. The action has a longer barrel with a muzzle break to improve accuracy, and make cocking the rifle quick easy. The muzzle break also means that you are not having to touch any metal work, to prolong the overall finish of the rifle to keep it in great shape. The Striker 1000X is also available as the Hatsan Striker 1000S which has a synthetic stock as opposed to wood, and is available with different coloured inserts to suit your tastes.


Hatsan is probably best known by most people for producing a range of robust and reliable shotguns, at a very competitive price in the shotgun market. One of the most popular in their range is the Hatsan Escort which is available in both synthetic and walnut stocks, as well as black barrels and actions, and a Marine silver.

Over the past few years the Escort has always been reviewed as a basic but functional shotgun that just does what it says on the tin and gets on with the job. This is perfect if you’re looking for a solid workhorse that won’t let you down when shooting and one that you’re not afraid to get out in the field and put to use.

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