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Bushcraft – An Introduction

Beginners Guides

Bushcraft – An Introduction

Here at Pellpax, a significant part of our range is given over to outdoor wildness in our UK bushcraft supplies store. Stuff to help you eat, sleep, and survive in the great outdoors.

Bushcraft has developed as a movement and hobby over quite a time – arguably it goes back to the beginning of man’s earliest origins. However, in recent times, it’s become a source of fascination here in the UK, thanks to TV survivalists like Ray Mears and Bear Grylls.

This has led to the development of blogs, outdoor survival courses, festivals, and shows across the UK. There are several broad disciplines within bushcraft. What follows is a quick overview of each of these, with some products to illustrate what you’ll need to survive your next outdoor adventure.

1. Get Water: Stay Hydrated

Geigerrig Pressurized Hydration Engine - 3 Litre £39.95 Code: PGR3LTR
Geigerrig Pressurized Hydration Engine – 3 Litre £39.95 Code: PGR3LTR

Water is one of your essential bodily needs, and you won’t last long without hydrating, particularly when exposed to the elements and weather. It’s also important for hygiene, without which you’ll find yourself becoming ill and unable to survive. You can bring your own water with the appropriate storage, or collect it, or even dig a well.

You can bring your own with the appropriate storage, or collect or even dig a well. We’ve got some great water reservoirs like this one by Geigerrig (£39.95).

A pressurized hydration engine, with a capacity of 3 litres, it’s great for those early morning showers, if you’ve got the storage capacity.

SteriPEN Classic £66.99 Code: PSPPF-RP-EF

Alternatively, if you’ve decided to travel light and go for water capture and collection, then you’ll need to purify your water in order to drink it.

You could invest in this purification kit by Steripen (below).

The Steripen Classic uses UV light to kill bacteria. It’s just one of the range of Steripen water purifiers and accessories that we sell. Check out this section for more.

2. Bring, find or make shelter

Military Wire Saw £4.99 Code: p158

Any stay in the elements is going to require shelter, the most basic of human requirements. If you are going to be adventurous and go beyond the modern method of using a collapsible tent, then you may choose to make your own shelter from wood and undergrowth that you’ve been able to cut or claim from the forest or nature itself.

You could use one of our huge range of machetes for this purpose, or our range of axes to help you hack off a branch or two.If you’re taking your bushcraft seriously and travelling light, you might want to pack this light, versatile chain saw.

A tarp may be a lightweight alternative to carrying a full tent. You could take this one (below), and even use your bushcraft skills to make it into a tent.

Base All Weather Tarp £27.95 Code: P20-5010-01

3. Camping Lanterns

When you’re in the outback, countryside, or your backyard, you’re going to need to be able to see when the sun goes down. Our range of Ultimate Survival lanterns (£27.99) will let you do this in style, coming in a range of four colours, with two variants that are longer lasting, for 10 and 30 day periods respectively. They are water resistant, and have 3 modes: low, high and SOS flash.

The entry model offers a whopping 91 hours of continuous with 4 AA batteries, which should be enough for most campaign trips, or tricky corners of your house like attic or garage, where some extra light could come in handy.

So, there you have it. The range of  goods and products for sale in our bushcraft range is growing all the time. We deliver across Great Britain, and our staff are on call to give you all the help, advice and assistance you need with loading up for your next adventure. Check out the Pellpax UK bushcraft store, and, if you need help, call us today!

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