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15th January 2018

On Target for a New Range

Based in Norfolk, Pellpax is a nationally recognised company, led by a strong ethos of giving something back to the community. Sponsorship of Reeds Target Shooting Club, in Kent, is one of the ways in which Pellpax contributes to the accessibility and inclusiveness of shooting sports. Reeds Target Shooting Club was established approximately 100 years […]

17th November 2017

Weihrauch vs Hatsan

When it comes to Weihrauch and Hatsan, there are many similarities that can be drawn between the two companies in their products ranges. These include the fact thats they both produce spring-powered air rifles, as well as pre-charged pneumatic air rifles, as well as spring and PCP pistols in all the common calibres. All their […]

10th November 2017

BB Guns in the UK

What is a BB Gun? ‘BB gun’ is a very broad term that can cover a lot of different items that we sell here at Pellpax, but as a rule of thumb, BB guns are mainly pistols that can fire a round, solid ball bearing. The two main sizes that BBs come in are 4.5mm […]

20th October 2017

Pellpax’s Unique and Unrivalled Delivery Service: How it Works

A friendly company with a professional approach … Great friendly service, good communication … A rare breed of online business with full traditional personal telephone service. These are a few of the many positive comments from Pellpax customers, reflecting the efficient and reliable delivery service that’s unique to Pellpax. You may have been on the […]

17th October 2017

High Powered Air Rifles for under £200

In these times of Brexit and Trump, it seems everyone’s looking for a good deal. So I’m here to shed light on some of the best that cheap air rifles have to offer. Now, just 60 years ago, £200 would buy you a brand-new car, but cars are not necessarily the most efficient tool for […]

11th October 2017

Pistol Pest Control

Pistol Pest Control There is no doubt that summer is prime season for pests but it is by no means the only time that pests are around so you need to be vigilant. Rats and mice, unlike many other mammals, do not typically hibernate during winter and as the temperatures drop, they are more likely […]

10th October 2017

Airgun Pellets, what’s the best for me?

So you have your rifle. What’s the first accessory you’re going to need? Well, something to shoot out of it might be an idea; so let’s look at your choice of pellets. Now, the barrel of any air rifle will contain minute imperfections in both the material and rifling, which can have a large effect […]

18th July 2017

Face Off : FX Wildcat vs Daystate Renegade

  This month, Steph Brooks takes a closer look at the FX Wildcat, to see how it matches up against the Daystate Renegade.  Today in the face-off, we’re testing the FX Wildcat and the Daystate Renegade, which total nearly £2,500 worth of airgun. It makes a nice change from testing cheap CO2 pistols, but I […]

15th May 2017

Colt M1911 Pistol – A Buyer’s Guide

If you’re looking for an attractive and instantly recognisable replica handgun, then the M1911 has to be on the menu. This month Steph Brooks take a close look at this classic weapon in a buyer’s guide. The Colt M1911 is one of the enduring pistol designs and is instantly recognisable to anyone who knows about […]

25th April 2017

Face Off : Walther CP99 Special Agent vs Gamo GF MP9

This month, Steph Brooks takes a closer look at two very special air pistols….. We have 2 new air pistols to test in the office today, the Gamo GF MP9 Carbine and the Wather CP99 Special Agent. Two 177 air pistols designed for target shooting and plinking. Both air pistols use 12g CO2 capsules for […]

8th February 2017

Brand Focus: Umarex

In this month’s Brand Focus, Joe Meakin takes a closer look at German manufacturers, Umarex, whose produce a wide range of highly prized airguns under a variety of big name brands. Umarex is a fairly new company in the world of airguns. The company formed in 1972, after a new weapons act in Germany was passed […]

12th January 2017

Airgunning and Pest Control

This month we look at the a question which is often asked by airgunners. Understanding the rules, regulations and laws around pest control is an important part of being a responsible air rifle or air pistol shooter. Read on to find out more…. What animals are considered to be pests? What species can you shoot? […]

7th November 2016

Air Rifle Scopes: A Guide

The world of air rifle scopes can be a confusing place for those who are ill prepared. Choosing the right scope for your air rifle can be as important as deciding which pellet or calibre you are shooting with, when it comes to success. Sub 12ft/lb air rifles will kill at ranges up to 50 […]

18th October 2016

Brand Focus: BSA Guns

BSA (or Birmingham Small Arms company) are one of the oldest gun manufacturers in the UK, and throughout their history they have produced everything from firearms to bikes, cars and aircraft, so you can be sure that the standard of engineering that goes into each and every product today is top notch. Some of the […]

28th September 2016

Airgun Channels On YT : 5 Of The Best

One of the best ways to learn about shooting is by seeing and hearing about it from the experts. And a great way to do that is on video streaming sites like Youtube. You can learn everything from how to play guitar, to cooking a sunday roast on this mammoth video site. The stats are […]

3rd August 2016

Buyer’s Guide to Air Rifles for Pros

Once you’re proficient in the sport of shooting an airgun accurately and consistency, whether for field target shooting, or match shooting where each millimetre counts, you might want to look for an airgun that will serve you reliably for the years to come. This fantastic Buyer’s Guide by our resident airgun enthusiast Joe Meakin covers some of […]