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1st August 2019

Paralympic Archer Mel Clarke is an Inspiration to Children Everywhere

“I tell my story to kids and talk about not giving up” These are the words that Mel Clarke, two-time Paralympic medallist, left us with last year after sharing her extraordinary story of sporting excellence. As a result of contracting osteomyelitis after a fall in 1993, 11-year-old Mel found herself unable to walk, and believed […]

27th November 2018

Helen George, Paralympic Archery Coach, Talks to Pellpax

In talking to the lovely Helen George, honorary life member of Archery GB, you get the feeling that every twist and turn in her life has been a sort of happy accident. Very little seems to have been planned, and the unexpected has been not so much a case of a dramatic fall into a […]

20th October 2018

Mel Clarke, Para-Archery Champion, Talks to Pellpax

It was an enormous pleasure – and great fun – to talk to Mel Clarke, record-breaking archery champion and two-time Paralympic medallist. By the age of 20, Mel had been struck down by two debilitating illnesses, but that didn’t prevent the budding child athlete from blossoming into the superb world-class contender that she has become. […]

14th September 2018

Choosing Your Compound Bow

Some of you may have already read our Guide to Choosing Archery Equipment for Pros – even if you have we want to help you with your compound bows too. Despite the mechanical advantage that the cam system provides, a compound bow is still just a tool, and, ultimately, all the power of a shot […]

13th August 2018

Fletching Your Arrows

What is Fletching? Near to the rear of an arrow, there are three feathers or plastic vanes – two of one colour, and the other in a contrasting colour – collectively called the fletching. The purpose of the fletching is stability. When all is going to plan, and the arrow is flying in a perfectly […]

23rd October 2017

A Buyers Guide to Crossbows

There are many different crossbows on the market, so today we’re going to be looking at a few of the very best, and comparing them to see what is the right choice for you. Recurve Crossbows First off is recurve crossbows. These crossbows operate much like traditional bows that have been turned sideways and mounted […]

4th August 2017

Crossbow Face Off : Barnett Raptor FX3 vs EK Archery Torpedo 185lbs

  This month’s Face Off is a crossbow special. We take a look at these beasts from Barnett and EK Archery, to see which is best… Barnett and EK Archery have been vying for position in the compound crossbow market for many years so today we are going to take two of their crossbows and […]

10th January 2017

A Guide to Crossbows

Our resident weapons enthusiast Steph Brooks gives us the lowdown on everything you need to know about crossbows. from different types such as compound and recurve, to bolts and other accessories, and more. Read on to find out….. So you’ve been watching The Walking Dead, have you? Daryl Dixon’s nifty crossbow skills may be new […]

28th September 2016

Olympics Rio 2016: Shooting & Archery Roundup

The Summer Olympics took place in Rio last month, with 11,000 athletes representing 207 Olympic Committees. USA won the overall trophy haul, with 46 gold medals, and 121 medals in total. Meanwhile, it produced an exciting set of results in the shooting and archery events. Olympics Shooting Results Team GB’s Ed Ling and Steve Scott both […]

28th September 2016

Paralympics Rio 2016: Shooting & Archery Roundup

The Paralympics Took place in Rio earlier this month (Sept 2016), with competitors from around the world all contributing to the success of the games. Team GB performing particularly well in the archery events. Jess Stretton won gold, defeating fellow Brit Jo Frith in the individual archery by 137-124. The 16 year old spoke to the BBC. “I […]

3rd August 2016

Going On An Archery Day Out For A Stag Do

If you’re planning a stag do and fancy trying something a little different instead of (or in addition to!) the usual strip bar and excessive amounts of alcohol, why not try archery?! Grab a bow and get back to your primal roots with a little friendly competition. Archery is the ultimate macho man sport, requiring […]

3rd August 2016

8 Things You Never Knew About Archery

Thanks to Hawkeye, Disney’s Brave and Katniss Everdeen, Archery is finally being given the recognition it deserves for being a pretty cool sport. It can be a whole lot of fun from being a beginner learning the ropes, right up to the intense skill and power it takes to partake in competitive archery. That said, […]

3rd August 2016

Buyer’s Guide to Archery for Newbies

We have an extensive range of products in our archery store, and it can be intimidating for the newcomer. Where do you start? Buying your first bow is very exciting. A recurve bow is a beautiful object, and arrows come with various colours of fletches. But do you really know what you need for an […]

2nd August 2016

Buyer’s Guide to Archery Equipment for Pros

An experienced archer knows exactly what he wants, so this should in theory make purchasing equipment a doddle. However, the exacting standards of the sport and his / her desire to choose the very best equipment on offer may come at a high price, so this can make things a bit more complicated. You may […]

28th July 2016

How to Get Into Archery for your Office Day Out

‘Team building’ can be a term that evokes a chorus of groans and a feeling of dread around the office. Usually involving ‘trust falls’, pointless games and awkward icebreakers, what should be an office adventure usually ends up being rather dull. This year, why not do something completely different and learn archery together as a […]

28th July 2016

How To Get Your Children & Family Into Archery

This summer, why not grab a kids bow and arrow set, and whisk your youngsters away from their computers and out into the open (weather permitting of course!). Spend some times together learning archery for kids and the whole family! Whether you’re feeling inspired from the Summer sporting events or have a budding Katniss/Hawkeye in your […]