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17th February 2022

In our Scope – AGT Vixen

This month we are setting our crosshairs on the AGT Vixen. Unique, compact, and balanced the Vixen is produced by Czech Manufacturers, AGT, and are imported into the UK by Regael. Released in early 2021 the Vixen soon became one of AGT’s best-selling rifles overtaking the Vulcan & Uragan. The AGT range has proven very […]

9th February 2022

Best .177 Hunting Pellet 2022

We put some of the best 177 hunting pellets to the test to find the best airgun ammunition. The smaller 177 calibre has long been neglected by hunters as an ineffective pest pellet. The reasoning behind this is easy to understand, more mass = more power but this not strictly true as power is actually a […]

13th December 2019

Best Airgun Pellets for 2020

The range of airgun pellets available to us today is larger than ever before. In each calibre, there’s a massive range of head shape, skirt size, length, material, and weight. There’s a lot of difference in price, too, and it’s easy to make the (sometimes misguided) assumption that the more expensive the pellet, the better […]

26th November 2019

Rifles and Shotguns: 5 Frequently Asked Questions

Pellpax is a company well known for a reliable, face-to-face delivery service. Each weekend, our own drivers cover the whole of England and Wales, delivering firearms to the doors of our customers. We’re able to do this because Pellpax is a Registered Firearms Dealer. The UK has the strictest firearms regulations in the world. Fortunately, […]

24th September 2019

What are Airgun Pellets Made Of?

The diabolo airgun pellet Airgun pellets are usually made in the diabolo form – a shape named after the traditional juggling game. The game of diabolo – from Latin diabolus (devil) – involves the tossing and manipulation of a two-headed bobbin, using a string stretched between two sticks. An earlier name for the game was […]

3rd September 2019

Nathan White Talks to Pellpax about the Midland Game Fair

As the Pellpax team prepares for their first ever visit to the Midland Game Fair, I thought it would be interesting to have a chat with Nathan White, Marketing Manager at Countryman Fairs, the company responsible for this incredibly successful show. Nathan was kind enough to take the time to tell me a bit about […]

9th July 2019

Air Rifles for Sale, Delivered to Your Door

Whatever kind of airgun you’re looking for, you’ll find it here, at Pellpax. If you’re new to shooting, you might have some uncertainty about what these airguns actually are … What is an Airgun? The term airgun encompasses all guns that are powered by compressed gas: either carbon dioxide (CO2) or air (mainly nitrogen and […]

29th May 2019

Olivia Hill is Selected for the Junior World Cup

Exciting News Seventeen-year-old Olivia Hill is going from strength to strength. At the 2019 ESSU Championships at Bisley on 27th and 28th April, Olivia qualified 1st in Juniors and 4th in the Open event, giving her a place in the final. Finishing 2nd overall, Olivia was the highest scoring junior, and came home with the […]

30th April 2019

Cleaning and Maintaining Your Air Rifle With ProShot

Raindrops Keep Falling on my Head Metal and wood are vulnerable to rot, rust, and wear, so it’s important to keep these materials dry. Ensure that your gun is well protected in storage and in transit, and that it’s wiped down immediately whenever it gets wet. Besides providing a firm and comfortable support for when […]

17th April 2019

Ragna Elite Team Member, Jett Pease, Reviews some Elite Airsoft Pellets

There’s a brand of pellets that’s really making headway in the popularity stakes. It’s a brand that’s gaining a reputation for consistent accuracy and form – a brand that’s affordable and has something for everyone – including airsofters. The brand is ProShot. Take, for example, the ProShot Precision Tracer BB – a 6mm 0.25g BB […]

17th April 2019

Three Great Break-Barrel Air Rifles for Rabbit Shooting this Spring

There’s nothing quite like a delicious, old-fashioned rabbit stew. Just think about tasty root vegetables simmering in a rich gravy with fresh rabbit meat that’s been marinated in sweet cider and seasoned with black pepper and thyme … But we’re getting ahead of ourselves. First of all, we need to catch some rabbits. The rabbit, […]

3rd January 2019

British Shooting Show 15th-17th Feb, Birmingham NEC

This year’s British Shooting Show promises to be the jewel in the crown for fans of shooting. It takes on the 15th to 17th Feb, at the NEC in Birmingham.  The huge show is the biggest event of its type in UK and Europe during the calendar, open to both trade and retail attendees. Huge […]

14th September 2018

Choosing Your Compound Bow

Some of you may have already read our Guide to Choosing Archery Equipment for Pros – even if you have we want to help you with your compound bows too. Despite the mechanical advantage that the cam system provides, a compound bow is still just a tool, and, ultimately, all the power of a shot […]

29th August 2018

How to Zero a Scope

It’s all about you Remember that you are zeroing your air rifle scope for you. If possible, carry out this task over a distance that you normally shoot; use your usual pellets; and focus the lens to suit you. It’s important to zero your scope in windless conditions. Setting up Place your target against a […]

13th August 2018

Fletching Your Arrows

What is Fletching? Near to the rear of an arrow, there are three feathers or plastic vanes – two of one colour, and the other in a contrasting colour – collectively called the fletching. The purpose of the fletching is stability. When all is going to plan, and the arrow is flying in a perfectly […]

17th November 2017

Weihrauch vs Hatsan

When it comes to Weihrauch and Hatsan, there are many similarities that can be drawn between the two companies in their products ranges. These include the fact thats they both produce spring-powered air rifles, as well as pre-charged pneumatic air rifles, as well as spring and PCP pistols in all the common calibres. All their […]