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14th August 2019

Best Air Pistols for Under £200

At Pellpax, we offer a wide range of superb air pistols, ranging from £47.99 to £1,599.99. If you’re looking to buy an inexpensive pistol, at the lower end of this price range, there’s actually quite a lot of choice. So we thought we’d pick out some of the very best air pistols available for under […]

8th May 2019

Blank-Firing Pistols to Scare the Birds Away

General Licences At 11.59 p.m. on Thursday 25 April 2019, Natural England revoked the following general licences: GL04 (to kill or take certain species of wild bird to prevent serious damage or disease) GL05 (to kill or take certain species of wild bird to preserve public health or public safety) GL06 (to kill or take […]

29th July 2018

The Best Air Rifle On The Market?

Here at Pellpax we are constantly on the lookout for the best of the best when it comes to air rifles. To help you make the choice on what air rifle you want we have put together this list to answer the age old question : what is the best air rifle on the market? […]

17th November 2017

Weihrauch vs Hatsan

When it comes to Weihrauch and Hatsan, there are many similarities that can be drawn between the two companies in their products ranges. These include the fact thats they both produce spring-powered air rifles, as well as pre-charged pneumatic air rifles, as well as spring and PCP pistols in all the common calibres. All their […]

23rd October 2017

A Buyers Guide to Crossbows

There are many different crossbows on the market, so today we’re going to be looking at a few of the very best, and comparing them to see what is the right choice for you. Recurve Crossbows First off is recurve crossbows. These crossbows operate much like traditional bows that have been turned sideways and mounted […]

20th October 2017

What is an Air Gun?

Many of you will think of an air gun as anything that fires a projectile from a smooth-bore or rifled barrel using the power of air. This is the standard definition that can be found across the internet. But air guns are so much more than that today, as some use compressed air, others CO2 […]

17th October 2017

High Powered Air Rifles for under £200

In these times of Brexit and Trump, it seems everyone’s looking for a good deal. So I’m here to shed light on some of the best that cheap air rifles have to offer. Now, just 60 years ago, £200 would buy you a brand-new car, but cars are not necessarily the most efficient tool for […]

10th October 2017

Airgun Pellets, what’s the best for me?

So you have your rifle. What’s the first accessory you’re going to need? Well, something to shoot out of it might be an idea; so let’s look at your choice of pellets. Now, the barrel of any air rifle will contain minute imperfections in both the material and rifling, which can have a large effect […]

18th July 2017

Face Off : FX Wildcat vs Daystate Renegade

  This month, Steph Brooks takes a closer look at the FX Wildcat, to see how it matches up against the Daystate Renegade.  Today in the face-off, we’re testing the FX Wildcat and the Daystate Renegade, which total nearly £2,500 worth of airgun. It makes a nice change from testing cheap CO2 pistols, but I […]

17th May 2017

Brand Focus: Hatsan

Hatsan are a large company based in Turkey who produce a range of firearms from shotguns to air rifles and pistols, meaning their product range stretches across a whole host of different shooters and disciplines. Hatsan have been producing firearms from around 1976 and pride themselves in being totally self-sufficient in that they produce everything […]

15th May 2017

Colt M1911 Pistol – A Buyer’s Guide

If you’re looking for an attractive and instantly recognisable replica handgun, then the M1911 has to be on the menu. This month Steph Brooks take a close look at this classic weapon in a buyer’s guide. The Colt M1911 is one of the enduring pistol designs and is instantly recognisable to anyone who knows about […]

15th May 2017

Brand Focus : Gerber Gear

This month’s brand focus takes a closer look at US blade and multitool makers, Gerber.  Gerber were founded in 1939 in Portland, Oregon, on America’s west coast. Here, the frontier spirit called for a range of knives that were capable of roughing it in the wild, and although that’s what Gerber eventually became, it started […]

25th April 2017

Face Off : Walther CP99 Special Agent vs Gamo GF MP9

This month, Steph Brooks takes a closer look at two very special air pistols….. We have 2 new air pistols to test in the office today, the Gamo GF MP9 Carbine and the Wather CP99 Special Agent. Two 177 air pistols designed for target shooting and plinking. Both air pistols use 12g CO2 capsules for […]

28th February 2017

Airgun Pellets: A Guide

This month, we take a look a closer look at airgun pellets. If you’re pondering pellet selection, whether it’s target shooting or hunting on your airgun or air pistol, this is the post to help you choose the right buy….. Pellet Size The most important choice when it comes to selecting pellets is their calibre. […]

28th February 2017

Face Off : Rotex RM8 vs Brocock Compatto

This month on Face Off, Steph Brooks compares two mid priced PCP rifles – the Walther Rotex RM8 and the new Brocock Compatto. The RM8 has been on the market for a couple of years now and is often a go to gun for people seeking precision grade accuracy at a reasonable price. The Compatto is […]

8th February 2017

Brand Focus: Umarex

In this month’s Brand Focus, Joe Meakin takes a closer look at German manufacturers, Umarex, whose produce a wide range of highly prized airguns under a variety of big name brands. Umarex is a fairly new company in the world of airguns. The company formed in 1972, after a new weapons act in Germany was passed […]