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Deer Management

4th November 2019

Deer Management in the UK: Part 2 – Hunting

All species of deer are prolific breeders, and numbers need to be kept in check through careful management of deer populations. Damage done to farmland can become a problem to the economy, and it’s often necessary to cull some deer in order to protect valuable crops. The problem isn’t confined to the fact that deer […]

16th October 2019

Deer Management in the UK: Part 1 – Deer

Deer in the UK Deer are ruminants of the family Cervidae. There are currently six species of deer in the UK, from five genera, meaning that only two of these species are closely related to each other. In order to provide effective management of each species, and to ensure that landowners have the means to […]

9th November 2015

Watching Wildlife in Winter

Our resident professional deer management expert, David Ward, shares his insights from spending time observing the natural countryside habitat. Barn Owls If you’re out at sunrise or at sunset, at any time of the year, you might spot a hunting barn owl, flying low over grassy land. The barn owl has a highly developed sense […]