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Cleaning and Maintaining Your Air Rifle With ProShot

Air Rifles

Cleaning and Maintaining Your Air Rifle With ProShot

Raindrops Keep Falling on my Head

Metal and wood are vulnerable to rot, rust, and wear, so it’s important to keep these materials dry. Ensure that your gun is well protected in storage and in transit, and that it’s wiped down immediately whenever it gets wet.

Besides providing a firm and comfortable support for when you’re firing the rifle, the stock acts as a protective casing for the internal mechanism; if water gets inside the stock, the gun’s mechanism can rust and seize up. However diligent you are in caring for your gun, there’s always a chance that it will suffer water damaged at some time. If this happens, we suggest that you take your gun to a reputable gunsmith for repair and service.

A good lubricant, like the ProShot Precision A Grade Silicone Gun Oil, does a good job of protecting the wooden stock and the metal barrel exterior against moisture. This anti-corrosive oil is highly water repellent and completely nontoxic. To keep your rifle looking smart and new, use a soft cloth (we recommend the long-lasting Pellpax micro-fibre cleaning cloth) to apply oil sparingly, on a regular basis, to the stock and the barrel.

Cleaning your air rifle is not an everyday job. Keeping it dry, though, is.

ProShot Precision Silicone Gun Oil

Grease is the Word, is the Word, is the Word …

Now, although gun oil is marvellous stuff for the exterior of a gun, the barrel’s interior should never be oiled – in fact, your cleaning regime should include keeping grease out of the barrel.

A build-up of oil in the barrel can cause dieseling. Dieseling is when oil in the barrel combusts as a pellet is fired. Over time, this process can cause damage to the gun’s seals, resulting in leakage of air.

However, the bore does need occasional cleaning. We suggest that, after finishing a tin of pellets, you fire one cleaning pellet to clear the barrel of any deposits of metal or traces of grease from oiled pellets. A cleaning rod is very effective for clearing solid debris and blockages.

What You Get is What You See

 A neglected scope can cause problems when you’re lining up your shot, so it’s a good idea to keep it clean! For a clear, clean scope, use a soft cloth (Pellpax Lens-Cleaning Cloth) with ProShot Precision Advanced Optics Cleaner, which is perfect for removing grease, water, and dust.

This top-quality fluid, which comes in a spray bottle, is also ideal for cleaning television, computer, and mobile phone screens.

Take Good Care of My Baby

Here are some general guidelines for caring for your air rifle:

Always wipe down your rifle after every use; it may look perfectly clean, but it’s bound to be soiled in some way, even if it’s only a few greasy finger marks. When transporting your rifle, keep it in a gun bag to avoid knocks and scrapes. And when you’re not using it, store your rifle in a dry place where there’s no risk of it coming into contact with water or chemicals. If your rifle is stored on end, make sure it’s standing on the butt end, rather than on the muzzle.

ProShot Deluxe Airgun Cleaning Kit

An alternative way of sourcing all the tools and products that you need for looking after your gun is by purchasing an all-inclusive cleaning kit, like the ProShot Deluxe Airgun Cleaning Kit, which contains everything you need to maintain your gun in tip-top condition.

Hanging on the Telephone

If you’re in any doubt about how to look after your air rifle, please don’t hesitate to call us on 01263 731 585. Our experts will be happy to help.





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