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David Ward on Norfolk Deer Management


David Ward on Norfolk Deer Management

David Ward of Norfolk Deer Management gives us insight into a slice of countryside life by telling us about his service.

My name is David Ward and I’m a professional deerstalker, trading under the name Norfolk Deer Management. I’m passionate about what I do, and I offer a free but professional service to farmers and landowners, managing deer numbers on their land. I simply keep the carcassof any deer that I shoot. I’m registered as a food business with North Norfolk District Council, and I process the carcass myself and supply the venison to local pubs and restaurants.


I’m looking for more land over which to manage deer numbers, so if you think you could make use of my free service, then please don’t hesitate to get in touch with me so we can have a chat about what you require and how I can help. I use a range of calibres in my work, the Browning X Bolt in .308 calibre being the mainstay. I also keep the rabbit numbers down on a couple of farms and use a CZ .22LR and CZ HMR17 for this work – both great calibres, despite the issues around the defects in HMR 17 ammunition.

Advising & Working With Pellpax

I load my own ammunition and was very happy to advise Pellpax on reloading supplies and equipment for them to stock. Pellpax is a Registered Firearms Dealer and offers a unique service in that they carry out face-to-face deliveries to their purchasers across the country every weekend. This includes powder and expanding ammunition. I have also agreed to carry out impartial reviews on some of the products they sell, and these can be found on my website.

As to the future: well, I’m looking to create a deer park. So I’m looking for property owners – of stately homes or events venues – who might want such an attraction on their land. It would make a great photo shoot backdrop to a wedding. Also I’m looking to rent the deer shooting rights from a large estate in order that I can take clients out to cull deer under my supervision. I’ll keep you updated on any developments.

If you’d like to contact David,  you can find out more, and get in touch with him, over at his website>>>>

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