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Derya Arms Shotguns at Pellpax


Derya Arms Shotguns at Pellpax

As a registered firearms dealer (RFD), Pellpax deliver firearms directly to your door. Our own drivers go out every weekend to deliver firearms, airguns, and ammunition to customers all over England and Wales.

Over the last 22 years, a new wave of innovation has swept over the world of shotguns. At the crest of this wave is Derya Arms, one of Turkey’s most prestigious manufacturers of firearms. Now there are some spectacular Derya shotguns available from Pellpax.

Derya is all about quality control

Derya Arms is based in the south-western city of Konya, one of Turkey’s Anatolian Tigers. Working with highly skilled designers, technicians, and gunsmiths, top-quality raw materials, and a stringent proofing process, Derya Arms produce excellent shotguns for hunters, competition shooters, and security agencies. The company ethos is based on ethical conduct in all areas of business and manufacture.

Each stage of production is carried out in accordance with the following international industry standards:

  • Turkey: TSE (Türk Standardları Enstitüsü (Turkish Standards Institution))
  • Europe: CIP (Continuous Improvement Process)
  • USA: SAAMI (Sporting Arms and Ammunition Manufacturers’ Institute)

The name Derya is Turkish for ‘sea’.

New for 2020 at Pellpax

Our complete range of shotguns from Derya Arms can be seen here. But let’s have a quick look at a couple of our favourites …

Lion Principal Semi-Automatic – 12G

The sleek black polymer stock on the Lion Principal semi-automatic is stylishly chequered for a firm grip. Further chequering on the fore-stock provides a secure hold for the supporting hand. This simple detail lends a certain elegance usually associated with a wood stock.

The raised, ventilated rib serves to absorb much of the heat produced in the barrel. When heat waves are dispersed into the air immediately above the barrel, a shooter’s view can be distorted; overheating can also cause damage to a barrel. With the additional metal of the rib to bleed the heat, there’s no thermal disturbance to warp a shooter’s view; and the barrel’s temperature is more quickly lowered.

The raised rib is a relatively recent addition to the shotgun’s anatomy, and although it’s not to everyone’s taste, aesthetically, it’s a feature that certainly provides a technical advantage.

Meriva MR-300 Over & Under – 12G

The Meriva MR-300 is truly a thing of beauty. The steel receiver is gorgeously engraved with images of birds in flight, and the walnut stock features intricate chequering for a firm grip. A vented raised rib and slender trigger guard add a combination of old-fashioned finesse and modern simplicity.

This shotgun is an heirloom in the making.

Multi-Choke Shotguns

Most Derya shotguns come with a selection of chokes. Some shooters aren’t too bothered about repeatedly changing chokes. For others, though, selecting the right choke is a vital part of every shot.

By restricting – or, occasionally, widening – the outlet at the muzzle, a choke determines the spread of shot as it exits the barrel.

A full choke is the most restricting of the common choke types. At 30 yards (27.43m) from the shotgun’s muzzle, 100% of the fired shot will be within a 30-inch-diameter circle. At 40 yards (36.58m), 70% of the shot will be in a 30-inch-diameter circle.

A full choke is handy for long shots. If you’re shooting clays or birds at a range of 40 or 50 yards, you need your shot to stay grouped over a greater distance. Without a choke, the shot would be too widely dispersed.

If you’re using a half choke, only 83% of shot will be within that hypothetical circle at 30 yards. At 40 yards, the percentage decreases to 60%.

The true cylinder choke has a diameter equal to that of the gun’s barrel and imposes no restriction. At 30 yards, 60% of shot will be within a circle of 30-inch diameter, and at 40 yards, just 40% of the shot will be grouped. The wider spread of shot is suitable for close-up shots, giving the shooter more opportunity to hit the target.

I was curious about the purpose of a true cylinder choke. Why wouldn’t an unchoked barrel suffice? I went in search of Pellpax gunsmith, Luke, who explained that, over time, the barrel’s thread would be damaged by the shot. So, the purpose of the true cylinder choke is to protect the thread when no choking is needed.

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For more information about Derya shotguns, or to talk to a member of the sales team about any of the products on the Pellpax website, just give us a call on 01263 731 585 or email [email protected].

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