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Going Trap / Skeet Shooting On Your First Date

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Going Trap / Skeet Shooting On Your First Date

Let’s face it, taking a date to a restaurant or the cinema is nice but dull. To really make a first date go with a ‘bang’, why not try something new and exciting, and go Clay Pigeon Shooting instead?

trap and skeet shooting gun
Steph from the the Pellpax team tests out a Webley and Scott shotgun

What is Clay Pigeon Shooting?

One thing you may have to clarify to your date is that no actual animals are hurt in the act of Clay Pigeon Shooting – you’ll be surprised at how many people think that it actually involves shooting pigeons. Certainly not ideal if your date is a vegetarian so best to get that cleared up quickly!

Why is it good for a date?

  • Is there anything more powerful and masculine than a firearm?! Not to mention the Lara Croft vibe than women with guns can give off – amazing.
  • It’s an activity, which means you avoid awkward silences and boredom, but it is still able to have a nice conversation and get to know your date.
  • Shooting is a lot of fun and accessible for everyone as it is not cardio-focussed. In fact, there is an official Disabled Shooters Group who are recognised by the British International Target Shooting Federation and often compete.
  • Then, of course, there is the low-maintenance fashion choices. No stilettos and miniskirts here, just good, classic earthy tones, tweed and sturdy boots – natural beauty and so cute! Not to mention your own opportunity to wear a themed tie!

Which type of shooting should you try?

There are a surprising amount of variations of Clay Pigeon Shooting under the Clay Pigeon Shooting Association, however they all fall under the three main areas:

  • Trap Shooting
    With activities that fall under trap shooting, the clay targets vary in speed and direction and shooters tend to be around 15m away from the traps where the targets are thrown from. Trap shooting is great for beginners and gives you the opportunity to watch your date at work and evoke some healthy competition!
  • Skeet Shooting
    Skeet shooting involves two trap houses, around 40m apart where targets are thrown from. Shooters stand in one of seven shooting positions in a semi circle. Skeet shooting is ideal for a group date but not so much one-to-one.
  • English Sporting Clays
    This is of course, competitive shooting and is more advanced, with targets varying greatly in every way. If yourself and your date are seasoned professionals in the Clay Pigeon Shooting game, this is a great form, however, otherwise it’s probably best to work up to this.
tracking a clay pigeon
Tracking a clay pigeon

What will you need?

Clay Pigeon Shooting ranges will have all the equipment to rent and of course we have a huge range of guns and cartridges to purchase if you find that you love the sport. Other than the obvious, you will need ear defenders, waterproofs and snacks – why not pack a picnic over which you can discuss who was best and plan the next date!

Where can you go?

There are a whole host of Clay Pigeon ranges where you can try out trap shooting and skeet shooting across the country who offer great deals for beginners. For example, Manchester Clay Shooting Club offers packages from just £40 per person for those wanting to give it a go and provide all equipment and a professional instructor.

Ribble Bank Field Sports charge 30p per clay for non-members of their club and have facilities to cater for all abilities, as long as they are able to hold the gun correctly.

If you are based further South, West Kent Shooting offer taster sessions and lessons for shooters of all levels.

Wherever you are based, chances are you won’t have to journey far to find your local Clay Pigeon Shooting arena – all that’s left to do now is find a date!

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