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Going On An Archery Day Out For A Stag Do


Going On An Archery Day Out For A Stag Do

If you’re planning a stag do and fancy trying something a little different instead of (or in addition to!) the usual strip bar and excessive amounts of alcohol, why not try archery?! Grab a bow and get back to your primal roots with a little friendly competition.

Archery is the ultimate macho man sport, requiring accuracy, power and a keen eye. After all – at one stage bows were the number one weapon of choice for the Army and a pretty effective one they were too! You don’t need any prior skills or knowledge and you tend to stay together for the day, so it really is a great way of everyone getting to know each other.

Perfect for groups big or small, archery is a great way of starting off the weekend, getting the lads together, and having fun before a big night out.  Archery is the perfect stag weekend activity, as it is available up and down the country, and in all weathers – don’t let the rain dampen your day.

Either set it as the main event, or as part of an action packed stag weekend for fun for all.  Most companies will provide all your archery equipment, as well as an instructor to show you the best techniques before setting you off to compete.

There are some companies who offer archery lessons specifically for stag parties, so alongside learning your technique etc, you are pit against one another to find out which members of your team were made to hunt and which are just Maid Marion. Set prizes and forfeits to make it all a little more interesting, and of course dress your stag up for ultimate embarrassment (something cool like Robin Hood if you’re feeling kind, or something completely ridiculous if you’re not!).

Some providers, such as Robin Hood Events offer stag do packages which focus on fun and competition with huge 3D animal targets, a zombie themed area and various mini games and competitions.

It’s important to decide, when looking for a company to host your archery stag event, whether you want silly, competitive fun, or more serious archery lessons with an element of competition.

Different places will offer a different focus and perhaps if you are looking for the latter, just a normal archery club might offer a group discount at a cheaper rate than a stag event specific company. You can check your local area for archery clubs on the Archery GB site.

If you find yourself a bit of an archery natural, or want an original gift for your stag, don’t forget to check out our archery shop to grab the right equipment. And to start planning your archery day out, head to Robin Hood Events, or Stagweb. And head to ArcheryGB to find your local archery club. 

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