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How to Get Into Archery for your Office Day Out


How to Get Into Archery for your Office Day Out

‘Team building’ can be a term that evokes a chorus of groans and a feeling of dread around the office. Usually involving ‘trust falls’, pointless games and awkward icebreakers, what should be an office adventure usually ends up being rather dull. This year, why not do something completely different and learn archery together as a team?

On target for a great office day out

Aside from Scout camp, it’s unlikely that many of your team will have tried archery, especially as adults, and it really is a great sport to give a go for so many reasons.

  • Archery is such an all-inclusive sport. At a low level, it requires very little cardio and can be taken part in by those who may have limited mobility.
  • Although it can be enjoyed by disabled persons, it is also great for improving coordination, strength and muscle building for people of all abilities.
  • There are both indoor and outdoor versions which means that you are not relying on the Great British weather being on your side.
  • A bit of healthy competition is good for office morale and you may help a colleague discover their hidden talent in the world of archery! Set up games, competitions and tournaments and the day will be far more fun (and achieve a whole lot more team bonding) than a third party company organising the usual day of activities.

Types Of Bow

There are various types of bow in archery, but the type you’re most likely to use in an archery day is a recurve bow (where the limbs bend back towards you when the bow is unstrung), or a compound bow (made up of different materials). These come in different lengths depending upon your height, and there are left / right hand variations, too. These are typically provided for you on these big ‘experience’ days out. If you get caught with the archery bug, you can of course head to our archery supplies store and grab your own…

The various types of Archery for beginners

The concept of archery is pretty similar across the different types – use a bow and arrow and aim at a target – however if you look closer at the different areas of archery there are many differences.

James from the Pellpax team takes aim
James from the Pellpax team takes aim

Target Archery – This is the type of archery that most people imagine. The archery target has ten rings and you get more points the closer your arrow gets to the bullseye. Men stand 100 yards away from the target and women 80 yards, and fire a recurve bow or compound bow.

Clout Archery – Clout is very similar to Target in many ways, however men stand 180 yards away and women 140 yards and the target is actually a flag on the ground. Again, different landings will earn you different points.

Flight Archery – Flight is the long jump of the archery world where the aim is to get your arrow as far away as possible. This is not quite as common as it requires a whole lot of space.

Field Archery – Field archery uses a longbow and is often done in woodlands. The focus is more on ‘realism’ and is more like hunting than a competition, although the aim isn’t to hit animals of course!

Any form of archery would be great for a day out, although it is probably best to start with either Target or Clout to learn archery at a base level. Target is suitable for indoor use and is the most common form so it is easy to find!

Where can you do it?

You can check out Archery GB for more information but there are hundreds of archery clubs across the country. Whether you choose to go to a dedicated archery club such as St Helens Archers or one of the many corporate event companies who can offer you a package deal.

If Barbara from accounts or Steve from IT suddenly find themselves wanting to become regular archers, why not point them in the direction of our archery supplies sale?

Check out our archery equipment store to get your crossbows, compound bows and accessories today. 

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