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How To Get Your Children & Family Into Archery


How To Get Your Children & Family Into Archery

This summer, why not grab a kids bow and arrow set, and whisk your youngsters away from their computers and out into the open (weather permitting of course!). Spend some times together learning archery for kids and the whole family! Whether you’re feeling inspired from the Summer sporting events or have a budding Katniss/Hawkeye in your house, archery really is the perfect family sport.

Archery is a fun day out for the family
Archery is a fun day out for the family

Why is archery for kids a great sport?

Archery doesn’t require a lot of cardio fitness, but is great for building muscle strength as well as focussing the mind and improving concentration and patience – who couldn’t use a little more of that?! It is also a great activity for including disabled members of the family as there are a whole host of variations they can implement to be able to join in.

It’s a sociable activity and a whole lot of fun! Of course, there is a competitive element, whether that’s within your group, or on a National level, but after all, isn’t that part of the appeal?!

In the past, like many things, archery was incredibly male-dominated, with King Edward III ruling that all boys from the age of 14 should be able to master the longbow. That said, there is nothing to suggest that the girls in your family couldn’t become archery masters – why not stir up a little healthy competition to hit those archery targets, boys vs girls and the losers have to do the washing up for a week?  

The different types of Archery for kids and families

Although you are most likely to be thinking of Target archery when the word ‘archery’ comes up, there are actually a whole host of different forms of archery to explore.

Target Archery – The aim of this type of archery is to get as close to the bullseye on the target as possible. Any of the ten rings will give you points however, and they all add up! Target archery can be played indoors or outdoors so it is a pretty safe bet when it comes to learning archery.

Clout Archery – The target of Clout archery is to get your arrow as close to a flag in the ground as possible, with different landing areas being worth varying points. In Clout archery you are stood much further away from the target and it tends to be set up outside.   

Flight Archery – Flight archery requires participants to get their arrows as far away from them as possible. This is usually done in aerodromes as it requires a large distance and no interference from pesky winds. Although not as common as Target or Clout archery, it is a whole lot of fun.

Field Archery – The most like the Hungergames, Field archery uses a longbow and is often done in woodlands or other outdoor areas. The archery targets used can vary from 3d targets to paper animal targets.

It’s great to try the different styles of archery over time, however, when your family are just learning, Target and Cloud are the most popular.

If you just want to test the waters, many clubs do “give it a go” or taster sessions at open days of their clubs, or even local events. If it is something that you can really see yourselves getting into, it is worth investing in the necessary equipment such as bows, arrows and of course targets. You can also get specific kids bow and arrow sets, too. To find out more about the sport, or find your local Archery club, head over to ArcheryGB. 

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11th October 2017