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News: Pellpax Joins Gun Trade Association

General Announcements

News: Pellpax Joins Gun Trade Association

Pellpax can announce that it has become a member of the Gun Trade Association (GTA).

As a member of this association, Pellpax is an integral part of a nationwide network of organisations, dedicated to ensuring the safe use of guns and the continued health of shooting sports and professions.

The Gun Trade Association has been promoting and protecting the UK gun trade since 1912. Working closely with police and governmental authorities, the GTA offers its members support and advice in all areas of the trade, from licensing and insurance queries to issues of transportation and storage. As a council member of the British Shooting Sports Council (BSSC), the GTA co-operates with the British Association for Shooting and Conservation (BASC) and the Countryside Alliance (CA), representing the gun trade in matters of legislation.    

The GTA works closely with the Association of Chief Police Officers, the Home Office, the Department of Trade and Industry, Firearms Licensing Departments, and HM Revenue and Customs.

The present GTA chairman is 77-year-old John Batley, a professional pigeon shooter since 1984 and author of The Pigeon Shooter: A Complete Guide to Modern Pigeon Shooting. This elegantly written book, first published in 1996, is as engaging to the layman as it is to the expert, and Mr Batley’s vast knowledge of the wood pigeon, in regard to both anatomy and habit, is testimony to his many years of dedication to the sport. In his introduction, he writes, “The wood pigeon has enabled me to feed and clothe my family, travel to fascinating places and meet many, many people.”

John Batley says, “The GTA exists today primarily to defend the interests of the gun trade by working closely with all official bodies that could influence or damage the industry.” He goes on to say that the GTA’s protection of the UK gun trade is, by definition, in the interests of all those who shoot in this country.

The GTA’s Code of Practice sets out clear parameters:

  • The safety of the public shall be a priority for the Association and its members.
  • All members must be acquainted with the relevant law and comply with it in all respects.
  • A primary aim of all our members is to give good service to their customers and to the public.
  • All members shall take responsibility for the products that they sell.
  • Members shall conduct themselves in a proper and professional manner in their dealings with other members of the trade and the public.
  • Members’ advertising shall be designed and worded so as not to bring the trade or its products into disrepute.
  • All members shall abide by the stated aims and objectives of the Association as published.
  • Members shall be held accountable for their actions by the Association.

Pellpax’s Managing Director, Darren Kirk, explained why it was important for Pellpax to be a member of the GTA:

“Membership of the GTA gives access to tools that help us promote the safe use of guns in this country, and we’re proud to be a part of maintaining the good reputation of the trade.” He added, “Safety of the public is our main priority in every aspect of what we do.”

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