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“Pat on the Back” for  “Top-Notch” Delivery Service


“Pat on the Back” for “Top-Notch” Delivery Service

At Pellpax, we put a lot of effort into our unique delivery service. Over the years, we’ve honed the service, ensuring that everything runs smoothly and effectively. We know that we’re doing a pretty good job, because our customers are telling us so!

A Pellpax van in Yorkshire
Pellpax vans ready to go
Pellpax van in Lincoln

“The delivery guy caught me eating my tea!”

We’ve all waited in for a delivery that didn’t come – or that was late. In fact, it’s a sad fact that many of us now expect to be let down at this final stage of purchase.

So, when one Pellpax customer was given an estimated delivery time, he … well, let’s just say, he didn’t take it seriously.

Our customer, however, was pleasantly surprised when the Pellpax van arrived bang on time.

“The delivery guy caught me eating my tea!”

“They went above and beyond to sort it”

Occasionally, there’s a problem with an item that we send out. This happened to a customer who has made numerous purchases from Pellpax over the past five years. As always, we did our very best to sort out the problem to the customer’s satisfaction.

This customer was kind enough to leave a review.

He says that Pellpax, who are “always exceptional in their customer service,” ended up swapping the rifle for a much better one.

“The staff are more than happy to answer any queries, both by phone and email. They went above and beyond to sort it.”

“Superb, quite excellent old-fashioned service”

A large proportion of Pellpax staff are experienced shooters. Several are expert gunsmiths too. So there’ll always be someone at the end of the phone who can help with queries and problems.

“Pellpax always answer the phone in under 10 seconds, sometimes less, and the team are always available and happy to give you the most up-to-date help and advice when you call them.

“I have got to know some of the delightful gentleman who drive the iconic white Pellpax vans; they always have a smile on their face, and I cannot criticise them in any way.

“I would strongly and thoroughly recommend this company to anyone purchasing outdoor shooting equipment and accessories, and I have absolutely no intention of ever changing.”

“The delivery of my order was exactly as promised”

Chris working with The Pellpax Map

At Pellpax, all office staff and drivers work very hard to ensure that deliveries are on time. This weekly operation is orchestrated by Logistics Coordinator, Chris, and supported by a trusty visual aid – a large map of the British Isles, studded with colour-coded drawing pins.

This customer wrote a review after purchasing from Pellpax for the first time.

“You can imagine how delighted I was, both with the professional support of the staff, and with the excellent quality of the merchandise. The delivery of my order was exactly as promised, even down to the time.”

Contact us on 01263 731 585

If you’d like to speak to one of our advisers about our delivery service, or if you would like information about any of the products we sell, give us a call on 01263 731 585 or email [email protected]

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