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Pellpax’s Unique and Unrivalled Delivery Service: How it Works

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Pellpax’s Unique and Unrivalled Delivery Service: How it Works

A friendly company with a professional approach … Great friendly service, good communication … A rare breed of online business with full traditional personal telephone service.

These are a few of the many positive comments from Pellpax customers, reflecting the efficient and reliable delivery service that’s unique to Pellpax. You may have been on the receiving end of this delivery process, or you may be considering a first-time purchase. But have you ever wondered how it all works?

Legislation has always stipulated that shotguns, rifles, and associated ammunition are sold on a face-to-face basis by a registered firearms dealer (RFD). There is now a law that requires all air guns and silencers to be sold under the same conditions. As a registered firearms dealer, Pellpax has a legal requirement to deliver these products, in person, to the customer; items that don’t fall into this category, such as pellets and clothing, are dispatched immediately, by courier, and will be delivered within a few days.

Every weekend, Pellpax’s fleet of vehicles sets out to deliver to households all over England and Wales. Between Friday lunchtime and Tuesday afternoon, Pellpax drivers will have visited up to 300 addresses, and it’s not uncommon for one driver to cover more than 1,000 miles. This huge task is achieved by putting into practice the teamwork and open communication that sets Pellpax in a class of its own.

Having taken an order, the sales team will mark the delivery location on a map of the UK, using colour-coded pins. The IT department provides information for the customer, using sophisticated software that can calculate routes and the approximate intervals between drops – assuming that a driver doesn’t lose his way! This can happen, of course, and so can delays caused by roadworks, accidents, and traffic congestion.

In these cases, the driver will make a phone call to the customer, with an apology and an explanation, and will provide a new estimated time of arrival. In a case where the time cannot be made up, the driver will also contact the customer next on the list. The Pellpax driver will always keep customers informed regarding the time of their delivery.

If your order is placed before midday on a Tuesday, it will be delivered to your door between the Friday of that week and the following Tuesday. An order placed after midday on Tuesday might still be dispatched for delivery three days later, or it may be delivered during the following weekend, depending on your location. In all cases, though, Pellpax staff will keep you up to date with information, and if you have any queries, they will be pleased to help.

Friday noon is a busy time at Pellpax headquarters. Every item has already been double-checked; all guns have been assembled, zeroed in, and tested, so they’re ready to shoot when you take them out of the box; and each package has the customer’s name written clearly on it. The packages are loaded into the vehicles in reverse order of delivery, locked in safely, under the eye of a security camera. Each driver takes with him a folder, containing all the paperwork for each delivery, and taped to the front of the folder is Pellpax’s Certificate of Registration as a Firearms Dealer.

When a driver sets out, he programmes the post code of the first drop into the satnav and checks that the estimated arrival time displayed is approximately the same as that shown on the paperwork. After each drop, the driver enters the next post code, and so the process goes on throughout the weekend. Because Pellpax has a policy of personal service, intervals between drops are calculated with the inclusion of a considerable period of time for customer care.

Pellpax drivers are not just couriers, but are an integral part of the team, working closely with all other departments. Like all members of the Pellpax staff, drivers are knowledgeable about the products they deliver and about the sales process. In the event that a driver is ill, and unable to work, it is not unusual for a staff member from another department to take on the role of driver for a weekend.

Here are some more comments from Pellpax customers:

Great delivery driver, so helpful, kept me updated on when and what time my delivery was coming … Another perfect delivery from Pellpax, on time as usual, would recommend 100%.

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