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Once a Marine, Always a Marine  – The Royal Marine Association


Once a Marine, Always a Marine – The Royal Marine Association

Based in Norfolk, Pellpax is a nationally recognised company, led by a strong ethos of giving something back to the community. Sponsorship of the Norfolk Branch RMA (Royal Marines Association) is one of the ways in which Pellpax contributes to local fundraising, with national impact.

The Royal Marines Association was established in 1946 to support those Marines who were being ‘demobbed’ (now referred to as the ‘transition’ to civilian life), to look after those in need, and to keep the serving and retired community in touch with one another. That continues today, through the Association’s network of support, stability, and friendship, run by members, for members. For cadets, servicemen, reservists, and veterans, and for those who are facing medical discharge or embarking on civilian life, the RMA is the constant thread that runs through the lives of the entire Royal Marines Family.

Royal Marines Association

As Martyn Holmes, Norfolk Branch Treasurer, explains

“It’s a sort of benevolent network. Members look out for where assistance might be needed, and then try to find the most unobtrusive way of providing it – in passing, as it were. Quite often, it’s just as simple as keeping in touch.”

Most of this local support can be achieved at little expense, and therefore the bulk of locally raised cash goes to Central Funds, to help provide greater assistance for the most deserving cases.

Firing for Fundraising

Norfolk Branch is a part of East Anglia Region, which, for seven consecutive years, has raised more money for the RMA than any other region. Much of this success is due to Norfolk Branch’s unique way of engaging with the public; it’s called the Zero-Danger-Area Firing Range.

Having to be seen to be believed, the Norfolk Branch RMA’s unique (and literally zero-danger) firing range is the brainchild of one of its members, Jaime Graham. Coached by former Royal Marines, members of the public can test their skills with real weapons, in complete safety. It’s a popular attraction at outdoor events, such as the annual Norfolk Show, and people return, time and time again, to improve on their scores.

Pellpax helping to break the ice

With sponsorship from Pellpax, the Zero-Danger-Area Firing Range is, of course, a means of fundraising. But it serves an even more important purpose: it helps to break the ice. The target-shooting activity puts people at their ease, and interaction follows naturally, resulting in people’s greater understanding of how the organisation can support its members – but more importantly, an understanding of why this support is needed in the first place.

Pellpax is proud to support the Zero-Danger-Area Firing Range, and to contribute to the welfare of active and veteran Royal Marines. As Pellpax boss, Darren Kirk, says: “Freedom doesn’t come free, and often it’s the men and women of our armed forces who pay a heavy price on behalf of us all.”

Serving and retired Royal Marines and their families, as well as Royal Marine Cadets, can join the RMA through the website: Donations to the RMA, to support those of its community who are in need, can also be made via this website.

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