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Seven Golds for James at Bisley


Seven Golds for James at Bisley

Success at the NSRA Junior International

James Farquharson was just 12 years old when he first took part in the NSRA (National Small-Bore Rifle Association) Junior International at Bisley. That was in 2013.

James Farquharson

This year, James returned for his fifth Junior International, having missed only one event since his first, due to broken fingers and a broken wrist. From what I’ve learned about James over the short time we’ve been acquainted, I’d hazard a guess that the young shooter had been quite ready and willing to compete, despite broken bones!

This year’s Junior International took place from 6th to 9th August and was attended by approximately 150 competitors from seven different countries, ranging from children of 11 years old to men and women of 20.

Incredible Atmosphere

James, sponsored by Pellpax since April, was on top form. The 17-year-old won three Gold medals: 10m Sporter 3 Position, 10m Sporter Standing, and 10m Sporter Standing Grand Prix. In the Grand Prix, James scored 363 ex. (Latin: out of) 400 – a personal best.

By nature, James is a competitive and sociable person, and he thrives on the adrenalin-rich atmosphere that envelopes an event of this kind.

“It’s really hard to explain the atmosphere of the Junior International. I honestly think it’s one of the best sporting events ever, and this year has been the best so far. We always have a closing gathering on the final evening when we’re no longer all trying to beat each other, and it’s so great to get to know shooters from all around the world.”

James has struck up a particular friendship with the South African shooters.

“I got to know some of them really well, and we talked a lot about the differences between the UK and South Africa, and I was really shocked! They couldn’t believe how safe it was here and that people slept with their windows open, and that white people use the bus!”

Another shock for James was that the South African shooters taught him to dance – a shock, because James claims to be someone who can’t dance to save his life!

“They put their music on and just started dancing – and by dancing, I mean, like, full-on, choreographed dances, with each other. Naturally, we all had to have a go! So they spent about an hour and a half teaching us how to dance … I wasn’t too bad!”

After the Junior International, with just a day’s break in between, James took part in the NSRA Annual Meeting.

Bisley Week

Having won three Golds at the NSRA Junior International, James had just one day of rest before throwing himself into the NSRA Annual Meeting, otherwise known as Bisley Week.

Every year, in August, hundreds of shooters compete at the week-long Bisley meeting, making it one of the UK’s largest and most popular small-bore rifle events. With the exception of the war years (1940 to 1945), the Bisley meeting has been held annually since 1922, although, on two occasions, at an alternative venue. Shooters of all standards compete at this event, from beginners with minimal experience to highly skilled, international champions.

James shooting walther


James won four Golds:

• 1st Junior (3rd overall) – Double English Match (120 shots at 50m)

• 1st Junior (3rd overall) – News of the World (20 shots at 50m and 20 shots at 100yd)

• 1st Junior (7th overall) – Daily Mail (20 shots at 50m and 20 shots at 100yd)

• 1st overall – 3P Championship (120 shots at 50m), in which James scored a Personal Best of 1071 ex. 1200

He also achieved …

• 2nd Junior (8th overall) – NSRA Life & Annual Members (20 shots at 50m and 20 shots at 100yd)

• 4th Junior (7th overall) – Weekend Aggregate (60 shots at 50m and 60 shots at 100yd)

To catch up with further news about James Farquharson, keep an eye on the Pellpax website. There’s lots more to come from James!

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