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Intro To Shooting Accessories: Air Rifle Shooting Targets

Air Rifles

Intro To Shooting Accessories: Air Rifle Shooting Targets

If you’re a passionate airgunner for hunting, pest control, sport, or hobbying, then you’ll know that you can’t just stop at your chosen weapon. Shooting accessories are essential, for a whole variety of reasons.

To get the most out of your airgun shooting, getting yourself some air rifle targets is vital, whether you’re tracking down pests, or competing with others. By drilling yourself to hit the target, over and over, you can ensure that you will be ready when time comes, whether it’s for competition or catching the varmint that’s chewing up your vegetable patch.

Paper Shooting Targets & Holders

Practice Targets 17×17 cm £3.99 for 100

Today’s targets come in a range of designs, and include simple paper targets like these practice targets.

These come in packs of 100, and are are inexpensive at £3.99. The concentric circles help you clearly see where you’ve hit the target, and the smaller targets all over the shooting target area allow for longevity and a greater variety of targets to aim for.

These items are purchased in large volumes, a minimum of 50, but it is essential to have a place on which to rest the paper target. This can be something as simple as an old pillow, but these can be unreliable and messy. To be practical, it’s better if you can invest in target holders and pellets catchers such as this one:

Trumpet Target Holder Pellet Catcher 14cm x 14cm £14.99

This is great for backyard hobby plinking, but also helps to improve your aim, to keep you sharp for competitions, pest control and hunting.

Note the manner in which your many hundreds of shots will be caught, allowing you to keep things tidy, even as you fire at the target again and again. The material that these are constructed from is robust and will ensure that they give many years of service.

Refresh Your Target Shooting With Furry Pests Pictures!

One way of keeping things fresh and interesting is to mount images of pests and hunting animals on your pellet holder. This can stimulate the imagination and keep you focussed as you fire shot after shot, as well as preparing you for the real thing. Rats and squirrels are some of the main reasons people purchase airguns, from amateur pest control all the way up to professional useage. So it’s something that makes perfect sense. To do this, you can also head on over to the BASC to download some realistic looking airgun targets like these:

Knockdown Targets, Zombie Targets & Snooker Targets

These are a good halfway house to some of the field targets that are set out in woodlands to mock up a representation of pests and small live targets normally faced by airgunners. You can also find metal knockdown targets that resemble pests, for example, this knock and reset rat target (below), which allows you to get some of the realism of your quarry while practicing and zeroing in on the rats that might be chewing on your vegetable patch!

SMK Knock And Reset Rat Target £19.96

In order to keep things interesting, shooters may wish to train their rifle on something a bit different, and this is why a fun trend for things like zombie targets, and snooker targets has allowed airgun enthusiasts to keep interesting. Target shooting should always be done on private land, or with the full permission of the owner or tenant. If you’re headed off to a range, be aware that airguns should always be transported in a secure case which does not allow the gun to be fired. As is always the case with firearms, keep yourself familiar with UK gun law to be safe.

Pellpax has a huge range airguns and related equipment. Check out our range of air rifle targets and accessories today.

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