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17th November 2017

Weihrauch vs Hatsan

When it comes to Weihrauch and Hatsan, there are many similarities that can be drawn between the two companies in their products ranges. These include the fact thats they both produce spring-powered air rifles, as well as pre-charged pneumatic air rifles, as well as spring and PCP pistols in all the common calibres. All their […]

8th November 2017

Kozak and Hortitsia PCP Air Rifles from Zbroia Company

Meet Zbroia Company – Manufacturer of the Kozak and Hortitsia PCP Air Rifles At Pellpax, we’re very excited to be stocking the new Hortitsia and Kozak PCP air rifles from the Ukrainian manufacturer and wholesaler, Zbroia Company. These elegant and distinctive air rifles have proved to be a popular choice for our customers, and so […]

20th October 2017

What is an Air Gun?

Many of you will think of an air gun as anything that fires a projectile from a smooth-bore or rifled barrel using the power of air. This is the standard definition that can be found across the internet. But air guns are so much more than that today, as some use compressed air, others CO2 […]

17th October 2017

High Powered Air Rifles for under £200

In these times of Brexit and Trump, it seems everyone’s looking for a good deal. So I’m here to shed light on some of the best that cheap air rifles have to offer. Now, just 60 years ago, £200 would buy you a brand-new car, but cars are not necessarily the most efficient tool for […]

10th October 2017

Airgun Pellets, what’s the best for me?

So you have your rifle. What’s the first accessory you’re going to need? Well, something to shoot out of it might be an idea; so let’s look at your choice of pellets. Now, the barrel of any air rifle will contain minute imperfections in both the material and rifling, which can have a large effect […]

26th July 2016

How To Get Into Shooting For Beginners (Air Pistol / Air Rifle)

If you’ve ever fancied getting started in the world of shooting, it’s probably easier than you first thought. Let us help you with this handy guide to starting out …… First off, you have to be over the age of 18 to purchase an air rifle or air pistol, and have valid photo ID (passport […]

24th May 2016

Club Focus: Cromer Air Rifle Club

In a new feature, we take a look at airgun clubs up and down the country. This month it’s the turn of Cromer Air Rifle Club, which is in our part of the world, Eastern England.  Cromer Air Rifle Club was established in 1974. Like most airgun clubs at that time, it was an indoor […]

19th January 2016

Brand New: Air Arms Galahad

We preview a brand new air rifle from Air Arms, the Galahad…. Air Arms have a reputation for making sure that each of their products has been rigorously tested and designed so that it is absolutely perfect when it is released. Their premium models like the Air Arms FTP900 show how attention to detail can lead […]

9th October 2015

Rabbit Hunting With An Air Rifle

If you're interested in getting into rabbit hunting, there are a few basic tips you'll need to know before your grab that hunting rifle and go on a mission. 1) it is legal to hunt rabbits without any kind of weapons licence, as long as you're using a .177 or .22 air rifle, with an impact power of less than 12lb per cubic foot. Check out the Gov.UK site for legalities on the animals and weapons that can be used here in the UK.