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13th May 2016

The Big Interview: Andrew Hood (Archery Instructor)

With our store selling everything from compound bows to arrow quivers, it seemed only fair that we interview someone from the world of archery, for the avid and passionate fanbase that buy our products. That’s why our correspondent Hazel Randall talked to archery instructor, Andrew Hood, nine-times winner of the Norfolk Championships (in consecutive years), founder-owner of […]

11th September 2015

Compound, Crossbow, Recurve: Archery 101

Archery has a huge tradition in combat, hunting and sport, with special, historic ties to Great Britain. It began life as a form of military weapon, and was used by armies and warriors around the world, notably by American Indians, the Chinese, and the English, famed for their longbows. We'd like to present for you here a quick guide to everything you need to know about Archery.