What is an Air Gun?

Many of you will think of an air gun as anything that files a projectile from a smooth bore or rifled barrel using the power of air.

This is the standard definition that can be found across the internet but air guns are so much more than that today as some use compressed air, others co2 gas, and some a spring and piston, which still all come under the umbrella of air guns. As a rule of thumb the term air gun is generally used to refer to any type of gun that uses compressed gas as the propellant as opposed to burning powder as in rifles and shotguns. And you should always consider the right air gun pellet for your needs as well.

Spring Power

Probably one of the oldest air gun mechanisms to still be around today is the Spring and Piston type, with the first examples of their existence going back to the late 1800’s.  The principal of a spring powered air rifle is that a spring is cocked by means of a lever, which is often the barrel which doubles for this job, with some being a side or under lever type which allows the barrel to be fixed in place. This lever then compress the spring which has a piston in front of it with a washer on the front of it. This washer used to be made from Leather but today they tend to be made from plastic. This washer creates a near air tight seal so that when the springs tension is released the pistol compresses the air in front of it, which is then forced through a port into the barrel, propelling the projectile forward.

The Stinger Starter UL Tactical Kit is a great spring rifle for target shooting and plinking.

As this mechanism has very few moving parts it is probably the most reliable type of air gun, especially as so many models from nearly 100 years ago are still working flawlessly today! One slight downside of this system is that the spring wears over time causing power loss but a gunsmith can easily replace the spring to get the power back up to where it should be. Spring air rifles come in a wide range of prices from choices such as the Stinger UL Tactical Starter Kit .22, right up to the top of the range, state of the art Air Arms Pro-Sport Walnut Stock .177 which offers some of the best accuracy and consistency straight out of the box.

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Gas Ram

An upgrade on the standard spring airgun is to the gas ram system which is very similar in its principles to a spring air rifle, except the spring is replaced with a gas strut. For those of you who can’t picture a gas strut, its basically a larger version of what holds a car boot open. The gas strut doesn’t suffer the same downfalls as a spring does such as spring fatigue meaning that the power stays the same for longer. The gas strut also offers better shot to shot consistency as the compression of the gas is more consistent and accurate than that of a spring would be. Again prices vary in the Gas Ram range from the Webley VMX D-Ram .22 – Black Synthetic, right up to the Weihrauch HW90K .177.

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CO2 Powered

The next step up from spring and gas ram air rifles are CO2 powered rifles which use either the small 12g capsules, or the larger 88g cylinders. Both are filled with compressed CO2, and once loaded into the rifle the gas flows through a valve, eventually being released into the barrel to propel the pellet when the trigger is pulled, and the hammer strikes the valve. This system is completely recoil-less so its a lot easier to get better accuracy with one of these rifles straight out of the box.

CO2 does have its disadvantages though as it is very dependent on temperature, so it’ll be a bit more powerful on a warm day, but less powerful on a cold day. Spring and Gas ram doesn’t experience this fluctuation by comparison. CO2 are a lot quieter though as they don’t have much internal movement go on, so with a suppressor fitted they are close to silent. Choices start from the Rat Sniper .22 CO2 Air Rifle which is a great rifle for those looking for a bit of target shooting and light pest control, up to the all bells and whistles Umarex 850 Air Magnum XT .22 Deluxe Kit which offers multi shot, full power shooting.

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PCP Powered

The Zbroia Hortisia Bolt Action PCP Rifle is an excellent starting point

PCP (pre-charged pneumatic) rifles are the next step up from CO2 and offer the best in accuracy and consistency out of all the airgun types currently on the market. PCP rifles use high pressure air, some running at pressures of up to 300 BAR, to propel the pellets along the barrel. The advantage of high pressure air is that it doesn’t change power as the temperature varies, and is also a lot more stable than co2 giving much better results when firing pellets. The principal is similar to the workings as a co2 gun with the air held in a reservoir, which is recharged via a diving cylinder or a stirrup pump. This air is then released into the barrel via a valve which is struck by a hammer when the trigger is pulled. PCP rifles are available in all shapes and sizes with both single shot and multi shot actions available for almost any purpose you might need one. Some good starting points would be the Zbroia Hortitsia .177 – Black or the Daystate Griffin .22 with prices varying anywhere in between depending on your budget!

Choose from the best PCP Powered airguns

To conclude an airgun is not just a gun which uses air to fire pellets, but it much more than that today, with some top end rifles even utilizing electronic actions to fire the pellets! There are still many new advances to come but I hope this blog post has helped explain some of the different types.

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