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29th March 2019

Pellpax Sponsors Family Airsoft Team: Ragna Elites

Pellpax is a company led by a strong ethos of giving something back to the community. Over the last few years, Pellpax has given financial support to shooting clubs, charitable organisations, and talented individuals who are striving for excellence in their chosen discipline. This is just one way in which Pellpax is helping to nurture […]

10th November 2017

BB Guns in the UK

What is a BB Gun? ‘BB gun’ is a very broad term that can cover a lot of different items that we sell here at Pellpax, but as a rule of thumb, BB guns are mainly pistols that can fire a round, solid ball bearing. The two main sizes that BBs come in are 4.5mm […]

20th July 2017

A Guide to Airsoft Guns

This month, Steph Brooks takes a closer look at the world of airsoft equipment – specifically the airsoft rifles and pistols that form the core of this exciting sport. The sport of airsoft is extremely competitive, with many enthusiasts spending thousands of pounds on the right equipment and gear. Some go further than others. I’ve […]

27th June 2017

UKARA Membership for Pellpax

We are pleased to announce that Pellpax is now a member of UKARA (UK Airsoft Retailers’ Association), the organisation that is dedicated to the promotion of airsoft and to public safety. The Violent Crime Reduction Act of 2006 introduced tight restrictions on the use, ownership, and sale of realistic imitation firearms (RIFs). In response to […]

17th May 2017

Brand Focus: Hatsan

Hatsan are a large company based in Turkey who produce a range of firearms from shotguns to air rifles and pistols, meaning their product range stretches across a whole host of different shooters and disciplines. Hatsan have been producing firearms from around 1976 and pride themselves in being totally self-sufficient in that they produce everything […]

15th May 2017

Colt M1911 Pistol – A Buyer’s Guide

If you’re looking for an attractive and instantly recognisable replica handgun, then the M1911 has to be on the menu. This month Steph Brooks take a close look at this classic weapon in a buyer’s guide. The Colt M1911 is one of the enduring pistol designs and is instantly recognisable to anyone who knows about […]

13th February 2017

The Big Interview: Scout The Doggie (Airsoft)

This month, our correspondent Hazel Randall spoke to airsofting legend, Scout The Doggie about his many adventures in the sport. It was a great pleasure to talk to Scout the Doggie, whose YouTube videos have inspired so many people to take up the game of airsoft. With almost 700,000 subscribers to his YouTube channel and over […]

7th November 2016

Air Rifle Scopes: A Guide

The world of air rifle scopes can be a confusing place for those who are ill prepared. Choosing the right scope for your air rifle can be as important as deciding which pellet or calibre you are shooting with, when it comes to success. Sub 12ft/lb air rifles will kill at ranges up to 50 […]

17th October 2016

The Big Interview : Kelly Hardwick (Femme Fatale Airsoft)

Kelly Louise Hardwick is Femme Fatale Airsoft – one of the biggest names in the UK Airsofting community. She’s hugely popular on social media, blogs regularly, writes for the UK’s leading Airsoft publication and goes out to Airsofting events across the length and breadth of the country. We spoke to her about her experiences…. How […]

14th October 2016

BB Guns & Airsoft: A Guide

BB guns have been around since the 1900s, with Daisy being one of the first companies to manufacture them. Although the term “BB Guns” has become a very broad term, it was originally used to refer to 4.5mm ball bearings. What is a BB Gun? BB Guns are a type of air gun that shoots […]

27th September 2016

Girls With Guns: 5 Of The Best

#GirlsWithGuns is now a thing! If you’re passionate about shooting, you can’t have failed to notice that it’s often a man dominated hobby and sport. From hunting, to sport to pest control, it’s usually guys who are wielding the shotgun or airgun. But things are changing. With female shooting clubs and female shooters popping up in […]

16th June 2016

5 Of The Best Airsoft Blogs Online

When it comes to airsoft blogs, a good one can be hard to find. The main things we look for in in good airsoft and airgunning blogs are attention to detail, photos and connection to the reader. These are Ross Mitchell’s top 5 airsoft blogs that offer an eye-catching and in-depth read…. Number 5: Airsoft Odyssey […]

26th April 2016

Face Off: KWC Desert Eagle vs Tokyo Marui P226

This month, Steph Brooks from the Pellpax team takes time out to review two highly prized mid-range airsoft pistols. Read on for more…. I’m taking a break from firearms this month, and reviewing two great bb guns in the shape of the KWC Desert Eagle and the Tokyo Marui Sig P226. Airsofting has become a […]

30th November 2015

Adventures In Airsoft: What Is MilSim?

One of the keys to practicing Airsoft is MilSim – the highly realistic military simulations that make for a typical weekend of airsofting. Here we explain the terminology, gear, and what you can expect…. Before we go straight into talking about MilSim we need to determine what it is and why it takes place. MilSim […]

13th October 2015

Airsoft 101

Here at Pellpax, you may be an airgun or outdoor enthusiast, and noticed our Airsoft store. We have a range of airsoft pistols, and airsoft rifles for sale, as well as accessories. So it seems only fitting that we provide you with this introduction to airsoft, which could turn out to be your favourite new […]

13th October 2015

The Rise Of Airsoft

Airsoft is gaining in popularity rapidly recently and for good reason too. The sport is very similar to paintballing, except the ammo used is 6mm plastic BBs, fired from realistic airsoft rifles and airsoft pistols instead of paint ball guns. This realism of the weaponry appeals to a large spectrum of people, and makes it fantastic […]