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Cold Steel is the highly rated knife, blade, multitool and sword manufacturer hailing from Ventura, California, and distributing their weapons around the world. With a long and extensive product range, their blades are used in military and policing applications worldwide. This all action brand has featured in movies and web series and is the go to choice for stuntmen, martial artists and survivalists alike.

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Founded back in 1980, in Ventura, California, Cold Steel was brought about to bring the world the sharpest, strong blades possible. Since then, they have innovated and developed a range which has become highly prized, and associated with quality knife blades, and a host of other things, including swords, multitools, and other edged weapons. Breakthroughs like the Kraton handles, tanto blade styles, and much more defined how the company made its name.

They have innovated with other products too, including by using bespoke new unique metals such as the Tri-Ad and the San Mai III, and the lock systems utilised in their foldable blades. Their weapons have become a favourite of martial artists, stunt men and women, bushcraft enthusiasts, and even home enthusiasts, and magicians!

You can join the broad and worldwide fans of Cold Steel products by checking out our large range of over 200 Cold Steel products products today. From Machetes to axes, to throwing knives, folding knives and swords, we stock a huge variety.

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