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Rifles & Shotguns

Are you a fan of Sabatti Shotguns, or do you prefer Webley and Scott? If you're a fan of firearms and target shooting supplies, you'll also be needing some shotgun cartridges and accessories.

If you're looking to buy a rifle or shotgun, then we're your first port of call. As a Registered Firearms Dealer, we have a host of weapons for your selection. And, thanks to our unique delivery system, we can come to sell these items to you face to face, in keeping with UK law - so you don't have to come to us, you can just order online!

Check out our blog for all the information you need on the legalities and practicalities of owning and using a shotgun. you can keep an eye out for all our Rifle blog posts here, and shotgun blogs here.

All of the products within this section require an appropriate Firearms Certificate or Shotgun Certificate to purchase.
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Give us a call on 01263 731585 or contact us and we'll do our best to assist you.