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Makers of the iconic Swiss Army Knife

Victorinox is the brand most associated with classic and iconic folding tools thanks to its craftsmanship, quality, and the instantly recognisable cross and shield logo.

It began life back in 1884, in the district of Ibach-Schwyz, where Karl Elsener opened a workshop. His pioneering concept of combining a short knife blade with a series of foldable tools was hugely popular, giving birth to the Swiss army knife as we know it.

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Victorinox blades and tools Known by the widely recognised phrase 'Swiss Army Knife', which came from US soldiers, who coined it during WWII, after being unable to use the German name for it, 'Offiziersmesser'. They usually consist of essential tools such as a blade, screwdriver, tin opener, toothpick, tweezers, keyring, and much more.

With models like the Swiss Champ, the Classic, Huntsman, Soldier, and more, there is a Victorinox to suit every budget and taste. Pellpax is proud to sell and distribute Victorinox knives for sale across the UK. Check out their range today.

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