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BSA Guns

BSA Guns

BSA Guns is a Great British airguns manufacturer with a history that stretches back 150 years and even more. They produce PCP, Spring and GRT air rifles, as well as optics and accessories With a worldwide reputation for build quality, design excellence and cutting edge tech, Pellpax stocks a range of BSA guns. Check them out today.

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The BSA Guns story begins back in 1689, when the court of King William III ordered 200 muskets from a group of Birmingham's finest gunsmiths. The practice continued for some 150 years until it was formalised, and shortly after, turned into the Birmingham Small Arms Company Limited. The brand finally closed in the early 1970s, but was later taken by Spanish makers Gamo, who today are the company that run this brand.

The rich and prestigious history has at various times involved providing munitions, magazines, and, service rifles and machine guns and much more, notably during WWI and WWII. Today BSA Guns Ltd produces a range of over 500 different air rifles, sporting guns and hunting rifles. These include the BSA Lightning, BSA Scorpion, and BSA R12. The company's wide range of goods is exported to the 4 corners of the globe.

Their focus on Research & Creativity, Quality, and Customer Service is the key to why they are one of Britain's important industrial groups. Using special production techniques such as Cold Hammer Forged barrels (usually reserved for military grade firearms), and special steel, to make exceptional products that exceed industry standards.

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