Frequently Asked Questions

Do I require a license?
No licence is required for any air rifle or air pistol on our website with the exception of FAC rifles which require a firearms license and all non two tone 6mm Airsoft guns that require a UKARA license to buy.

What I.D is required to buy an air rifle or airgun?
You must produce a form of I.D. that includes your photo, name, date of birth, and current address - for example a photocard drivers licence, passport with recent utility bill.

When do you deliver?
We aim to provide weekly deliveries around the country. As every air rifle and airgun has to be delivered personally, and we supply customers and enthusiasts all across the UK, we plan our delivery routes carefully. If you place an order before 12pm Tuesday, after we have processed it and gone through the necessary quality checks, you can expect to receive the item between the Friday and Tuesday

We still believe we have the best delivery network in the UK, making more deliveries more frequently than any other RFD.

How much do you charge for delivery?
We charge £18.99 + VAT for any order that includes an air rifle or airgun as we must deliver that personally. Scopes and other accessories like pellets are subject to standard Royal Mail/courier rates.

Why do you assemble my items?
First and foremost, we believe in quality. We believe in checking every component that we send out, and that means making sure that the scope fits the mount which fits the rifle, and they are all in perfect working order. We make this part of our Pellpax Quality Assurance commitment and we steadfastly believe in it.

If you are an enthusiast like us, and want to assemble your own air rifle, simply uncheck the box at checkout and look forward to your delivery!

Do you only stock what's on your website?
If you don't see what you want on our website, then give us a call. We try and put everything we supply on the website, but our stock is always changing, suppliers are always bringing out new items and we will always do the best we can to help you.