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FX Airguns

Driving Airgun Innovation

Sweden's FX Airguns are the makers of some of the most desirable air rifles on the market. Unique, and highly individualistic designs coupled cutting edge materials and design makes them an exciting manufacturer to buy from.

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FX Airguns hail from Sweden, and are relative newcomers in the airgun market. They have brought a level of quality, care and attention with their unique and quirky designs drawing favourable comparisons with other premium manufacturers.

Having secured distribution in the UK with A.S.I some time ago, they have a broad product range, that includes airguns like the FX Airguns Impact, Panthera, and Wildcat, and a commitment to continuous development that has rivals taking note.

Under the leadership of highly rated owner Frederick Axelsson, their designs are unique, unusual, and driven by cutting edge technology, as well as top, bespoke synthetic stocks that are known for their reliability. The stated aim of the manufacturers is to make the ultimate hunting rifle - one that is harmonious in design. Quick, light and easy to use.

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FX Airguns T12 Synthetic - .22 Air Rifle

FX Airguns T12 Synthetic - .22 Air Rifle