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Air Arms

Air Arms

British Made

Started in 1983 by founder Bob Nicholls, with the help of General Manager Colin King, the duo was joined by Sales manager Bill Sanders to make the core team at the heart of the company. Back then, the tech involved in airgun manufacture was far from technologically advanced, but this was soon going to be different.

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In the mid to late 80s, the company began production of the PCP pre-charged pneumatic air rifle, a powerful variant of air rifle still widely sold now. They went further and added computer technology to their production systems, taking air gun manufacture to the next level.

The next decade saw Air Arms grasp the possibilities of this computer driven tech, to develop and grow their offering of PCP and Spring Powered air rifles. The arranged a distribution deal with Wholesalers John Rothery. Meanwhile, Gun production consultants of international standard like Nick Jenkinson and Ken Turner introduced greater know-how, ideas and insight, leading to a greater level of product quality.

People were buying the manufacturer's airguns in greater numbers. With the advent of the new millennium, the incredible effort, work and focus invested by the company's management team took Air Arms to become one of the leading airgun brands, and that's where they are seen today by enthusiasts.

The modern range of Air Arms airguns and accessories reflects where the company is the current air weapon market. Models like the Air Arms s410, s200, s510, tx200, and s400, capture the imagination of the public and are highly prized. Premium models like the Air Arms FTP900 catch the eye and are on the wish list of many airgun lovers. It's an exciting and cutting edge range of weaponry which has a rich historical background to back up its quality and authenticity. The firm's reputation for state of the art tech combined with old school gunsmithing is the key to their success. You can learn more about Air Arms on our blog.

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