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Born in the years after WWII, Hornady Manufacturing was created to produce high quality bullets. The founder, Joyce Hornady, was an avid shooter, hunting from a young age, and taking up a post as a marksman instructor during the great conflict.

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Shortly after it ended in 1945, he set up a store for sporting goods, noticing a demand for quality precision bullets in hunting that was not being met by the existing market. Setting up with a business partner, Hornady Manufacturing was born and quickly set new standards for bullet manufacture, producing a 30 calibre bullet that was highly popular.

Today Hornady regularly wins awards for its products, and sponsors a team of competitors that regularly win titles while using their bullets and accessories.

You can become part of the Hornady story today, by purchasing their products, here at Pellpax. We sell a wide range of their accessories including loadblocks, powder funnels, metal polish and much more, as well as a wide range of their bullets in different calibres and configurations.

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