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Brocock are a leading UK manufacturer of airguns. Hailing originally from Birmingham, they are Based in Staffordshire, and owned by Italian firm Marocc & Bredai, who also own Daystate.

Brocock produce high quality, affordable PCP air rifles, carbines and air pistols, and are renowned internationally for their workmanship. Check out their range today!

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Brocock are a major manufacturer in the Great British airgun market, and have been around for over 25 years. Originally hailing from Birmingham, they setup shop in 1989. Over the years, they gained a great reputation for their Air Cartridge System pistols, and later for the PCP (Precharged Pneumatic) air rifles they are well known for.

Now based in Staffordshire, they were taken over Marocchi and Breda, who are the owners of Daystate. For this reason, they now share a factory with the latter, allowing them to share skills and resources, so that they can offer greater quality to customers, as well as a secure future.

As such, great investment has been made in the Brocock brand, so it is now much more widely accessible to British customers and foreign markets, through better distribution. Their hallmark PCP rifles continue to be the calling card that offer accuracy, quality and durability with reasonable prices.

Their range includes air pistols, rifles and carbines that are build with a combination of cutting edge technology and long established gunsmith skills. Models like the Contour, Concept, the product is a range of weapons that are unique, lightweight and versatile.

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