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Stanley is a brand associated with quality and craftsmanship. The US vacuum flask maker began business back in 1913, over 100 years ago, when William Stanley Jr combined a vacuum flask with stainless steel casing. The robust design was an instant hit, and the Stanley brand was born.

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The company has continued to evolve over the years, and today they product a variety of food and drink utensils, including vacuum bottles, food jars, and storage. These utensils are Ideal for work, long road journeys, and countryside excursions. Wherever you're headed, it's worth packing a Stanley.

Stanley products are well known, and sought after as a hallmark of classic design and reliability, giving them the edge over cheap generic vacuum flasks, which can often fail to do the job. If you want to ensure your food and drink stays warm, it pays to buy the best. They come with a lifetime guarantee. Stanley is also committed to sustainable and ethical production practices, so they source recycle materials used in their products to ensure they minimise the impact on the environment. They're also BPA free.

Here are Pellpax, we stock a range of Stanley products, including flasks, cools and boxes, and cup sets. It's all part of our extensive range of outdoor goods, and our commitment to giving you the very best selection of products for your outdoor adventures.

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